Record entry for Frostbite League

FRC Frostbite
FRC Frostbite

Fenland Running Club turned out in force to make a record attendance of 37 members at the second Frostbite Friendly League five-mile race at Bushfields which attracted a record field of 505 finishers on Sunday.

Martin Jennings, who ran the Dublin Marathon less than a week earlier, finished first for FRC in 32nd place. With several of the other faster runners missing through injury or half-term holiday, the score was not as high-spirited with FRC finishing just 11th overall, just slightly better than in the first 

Full results: Martin Jennings 32nd 29.39; Gary Bligh 55th 30.53: Dan Wate 92nd 32.27: Andre Pittock 104th 32.48: Tim Chapman 120th 33.11; Dean Clark 131st 33.26: Paul Griffin 137th 33.35; Graham Millham 144th 33.52; Clive Harrod 148th 33.54; Adam Chown 154th 34.08; Paul Wiegand 150th 34.00; John Chapman 163rd 34.28; Rod Sinnott 174th 34.48; Tom Richards 179th 34.55; Maire Irlam 196th 35.28; Ian Milburn 205th 35.49; Dan Carrington 206th 35.51; John Shaw 209th 35.53; Nicky Jennings 253rd 37.13; Alan Bird 309th 39.04; Ramune Raicheleine 317th 39.12 ; Paulina Zub 318th 39.16; Marc Martin 322nd 39.32 ; Ann Trett 330th 39.53; Stacey Webb 363rd 41.13; Jay Gilbert 364th 41.14; Neil Bailey 412th 43.31; Sharon Bird 445th 45.46; Alison Patterson 450th 45.59; Cheryl Chapman 452nd 46.26; Ellie Gallagher 460th 47.02; Sarah Rippon 462nd 47.09; Tracy Farr 468th 48.11; Julie Garner 470th 48.17; Stephanie Clark 476th 48.55; Jac Richards 477th 48.55; Paul Hewitt 488th 49.48.

Last Monday, Jennings, Sarah Gauvin and Andre Pittock were in Dublin for the Airtricity Dublin Marathon.

Jennings was going well until 20 miles on target for sub-three hours and then hit the proverbial ‘wall’ to finish over three hours. Gauvin achieved her objective of securing a ‘good-for-age’ time of 3.42, which will guarantee her a place in the 2016 London Marathon. Pittock unfortunately did not finish.

n March AC juniors were led by Luke Fenner who stormed home in 8 minutes 10 seconds to secure fifth place overall for the 1.5 mile course. The team came 10th on the day which puts them in ninth position after the two races.

The Seniors had an excellent finish coming fifth overall and sixth in the league table. Lee Carey was the first March runner home with a time of 30 minutes 16 seconds.

Times. Juniors: Luke Fenner 8.10 (5th), Sean Stacey 10.00 (67th), Luke Gardner 10.03 (72nd), Alfie Mcintyre 10.04 (74th), Luke Parnell 10.08 (78th), Lewis Campbell 10.34 (94th), Andrew Lee 10.44 (99th), Liam Lambert 11.21 (134th), Megan Stacey 11.39 (145th), Sophie Fenner 11.52 (151st). Seniors: Lee Carey 30.16 (41st), Simon Oldfield 30.41 (52nd), Billy Bremner 31.33 (66th), Mick Stacey 31.49 (75th), Tony Daplyn 32.28 (93rd), Wayne Stimson 32.35 (97th), Debra Wait 32.44 (pb), (102nd), Simon Render 32.59 (112th), Mark Salmons 33.08 (118th), Geraldine Larham 34.05 (153rd), Karen Patterson 34.39 (171st), Tony Epps 34.51 (177th), Rik Ware 35.31 (197th), Tim Boyd 35.31 (198th), Justin Elvidge 36.04 (218th), Brian Harding 36.28 (234th), Lynn Summerfield 37.14 (254th), Chris Lawrence 37.49 (272nd), Graeme Robertson 40.40 (346th), Dawn Veal 41.02 (361st), Barry Freeman 41.11 (362nd), Paul Wing 43.21 (404th), Scott Bywater 43.38 (409th), Fay Scrivener 44.24 (425th), Tina Lambert 45.33 (441st), Mark Oakerbee 46.19 (451st), Chris Amps 49.17 (479th), Ray Few 51.51 (496th), Tony Whibley 53.22 (501st).