Season begins for North Cambs bowlers

MFCP-01-06-16 sport
MFCP-01-06-16 sport

North Cambs bowlers played their first inter-county Adams and Newton games against North Essex at the weekend.

Adams team at Sudbury BC lost 133-196 shots, 2-20 points: A Overton, D Bailey, N Eagle 39-22 (spoons); P Irons, R Fowler, J Hines 27-30; C Wright, F Howard, R Allen 25-27; C Griffin, M Hartopp, J Fox 22-29; R Croxford, J Ivatt, A Hailes 24-43; D Stanton, Dan Stanton, I Lawson 16 - 45. Newton team at Haverhill BC, lost 158-163 shots, 6-16 points, but had a very close game which was only lost over the last couple of ends.

C Waling, J Gowler, D Thorpe 33-21 (spoons); B Clingo, A Hancock, B Plater 33-24; D Donaldson, M Gollands, P Cross 25-25; C Newby, B King, L Smith 25-25; P Ridley, R Haydn-Haime, E Clarke 29-35; J Allenson, D Turner, M Oliver 13 33.

North Cambs next game is at home v Northants – Adams at St Lawrence BC PE34 4RU and Newton at CMB BC PE13 2PZ.