Season opens at new centre

TT Vets Jimmy Brewster.
TT Vets Jimmy Brewster.

The Wisbech Table Tennis League season opened at the league’s new centre in Pinnacle House, Nene Parade, Wisbech, with a cracking game.

This was between Walton Highway ‘B’ fielding their strongest team of Steve Goodale, Allan Nicholls and Steve Ely against last season’s winners I.B.A. Trojans who turned out John Blyth, Chris Gay and Mike Crowson.

It started well for Highway with a five end win by Goodale over Blyth. Nicholls, last year’s singles champion, followed up with a win over Gay. Crowson then pulled one back winning against Ely. Then another five ender with Nicholls against Blyth Nicholls taking it 11-7. It was nip and tuck all the way.

Highway pulled ahead with another five-ender , Goodale against Gay and Goodale taking it 11-5. All down to the last game a doubles, Gay and Crowson managed to pull it off in four against Goodale and Nicholls to earn a draw.

Newly-formed team Stingers, but with familiar players turned out Tim Hines, David Patrick and Jerry Irving, against an Eagles side of Owen Turner, Richard Mussett and Mark Pearman. The match saw three five-enders, the best one of which was Patrick against Pearman with Patrick winning 15-13.

Welney against Scorpions turned up a surprise. Welney’s John Loveday, Steve Mason and John Palmer fought hard as there were 6 five enders in the match and five of them went in favour of Scorpions ‘a bit of a sting’. Man of the match Rob Rix pulled in 3. Result 7-3.

Wanderers team of Kevin Buck, Irmantis Kukuris and George Norman retuning after injury were against Vital T.T. fielding Mick Forth, Vaughan Parker and Bob Littlechild. Forth was player of the match with 3 wins and won the doubles with Parker against Buck and Kukuris. Parker had a hard five ender against Kukuris eventually winning 18-16. Norman had a five end battle against Littlechild and won 16-14 to give Wanderers their four points.

The Wisbech League Open Day on Saturday produced enquiries from six seniors and most pleasing of all 11 juniors. They all have been invited to join the Knock Nights held every Thursday from 7-10 pm. Some have also enquired as to playing on a Saturday morning.