Second spot for Ashby

Wisbech veteran Paul Ashby finished second in the East District 25-mile championship in 54.46 on Sunday.

Run on the A47 dual carriageway between Wisbech and King’s Lynn in windy and wet conditions, he remained top of the leader board until the very last moment when top seed Peter Balls of West Suffolk Wheelers posted 52.31.

Wisbech put in a good entry with 12 riders competing including 13-year-old John McClure who finished in 1.13.09 in his first 25-mile effort.

On the previous Tuesday in the 10-mile event Ashby was once again the fastest in 21.05 and Mike MacInerney demonstrated his improving form with 22.08. Third was Stuart Emmett on 23.54 followed by the next seven riders all posting 24 minutes.

Results: Ladies - D Hallahan (vet) 32.31. Men - P Ashby (vet) 21.05, M MacInerney 22.08, S Emmett 23.54, D McClure 24.09, A Bean (jun) 24.10, A Jenkins 24.12, P Sims (vet) 24.30, A Ward (vet) 24.47, A Whiting (vet) 25.06, J McClure (juv) 27.37, P Nobbs 28.44, M Bean (vet) 28.52, M Thompson (vet) 28.58, C Buttriss (juv) 32.24 (1st ride). Tandem T Baldwin (lady vet) & P Baldwin (vet) 24.57.

EDCA 25-mile: Ladies - B Taylor 1.03.13, D Hallahan 1.21.10. Men - P Ashby (vet) 54.46, M MacInerney 57.50, S Emmett 1.00.53, D McClure 1.01.16, A Bean (jun) 1.02.20, A Whiting (vet) 1.03.25, C Murley (vet) 1.06.18, J McClure 1.13.09, M Thompson (vet) 1.18.09. Tandem T Baldwin (lady vet) & P Baldwin (vet) 1.07.03.