Seven make regionals

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Some 16 Wisbech swimmers competed at Peterborough in the COPs Open Meet over the weekend.

This would be their last chance to gain qualifying times for the Regional Championships which are held at Basildon in May and Norwich in June.

First places went to Hannah Brown, Jack Lane, Ben Marsters and Danielle Rayner. The team produced 24 top three places overall and 24 personal best times were set. Grace Cherry, Phoebe Gallagher, Abigail Foley, Danielle Rayner, Jack Lane, Oliver Newton and Tom Kelly all achieved regional qualifying times making 12 in total. Wisbech came sixth out of the 30 clubs taking part.

Leading results, 1st - Hannah Brown 12yrs 100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke, Danielle Rayner 15yrs 50m Backstroke, Jack Lane 10yrs 400m Individual Medley pb, 50m Butterfly pb, Ben Marsters 16yrs+ 200m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke, 50m Breaststroke.

2nd - Hannah Brown 12yrs 100m Frontcrawl pb, Danielle Rayner 15yrs 200m Backstroke pb, 200m Butterfly, Jack Lane 10yrs 200m Individual Medley pb, 50m Backstroke, 50m Frontcrawl, 200m Frontcrawl pb, 200m Backstroke pb, Oliver Newton 12yrs 100m Frontcrawl pb, Tom Kelly 16yrs+ 50m Breaststroke pb, Ben Marsters 16yrs+ 50m Frontcrawl, 100m Backstroke.

3rd - Phoebe Gallagher 12yrs 200m Breaststroke pb, Emily Pilbeam 14yrs 200m Frontcrawl, Danielle Rayner 15yrs 100m Backstroke pb, Will Bell 15yrs 50m Breaststroke, Tom Kelly 16yrs+ 200m Backstroke pb, Ben Marsters 16yrs+ 50m Butterfly.

4th - Kayley Hawes 10yrs 50m Backstroke, Grace Cherry 12yrs 100m Breaststroke, Emily Pilbeam 14yrs 100m Frontcrawl, Kate Newton 14yrs 100m Frontcrawl pb, Danielle Rayner 15yrs 50m Butterfly, 50m Frontcrawl, Will Bell 15yrs 100mBreaststroke, Tom Kelly 16yrs+ 50m Butterfly pb.