Shane wins in decider

SHANE Balding stays unbeaten at the top of the league in the Monday section of the singles pool league after winning a nail biting last frame decider against England international Darren McCarthy.

Chris Back beat John Dawson 7-3 and keeps second place, Scott Chambers stays third after beating Ben Leuty 7-4 and Darren McCarthy stays fourth.

In the Tuesday section Wayne Green with wins over Dean Jimson 7-4 and Matthew Glazebrook 7-6 regained top place over Andy Lucas who beat Gareth Neale 7-6.

This week’s top performer was Ashley Godfrey who hammered Kyle Smith 7-0.

Other results, Monday: B Ellis 7 J Leuty 3; J Beacham 7 J Ripley 2; G Barrett 7 A Cooper 4; B Osborne 7 D Marsh 6; J Hawkins 7 N Poli 3; C Ripoff 7 P Fowler 2; S Elliott 7 M Chant 3.

Tuesday: A Grant 7 A Roberts 6; B Durham 7 S Sullivan 3; M Payne 7 R Bell 2; A Evans 7 S Dadashev 6; N Forbes 7 D Horsepool 2; S Dadashev 7 D Beasley 4; E Viksne 7 A Evans 4; M Horsley 7 A Roberts 2; D Marsh 7 B Teun 4; A Mason 7 G Wood 4.