Skipper leads from front with a maximum

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PEGG Scaffolding’s team of Martin Skipper, Peter and Bryan Pegg met Walton Highway ‘A’s team of Paul Reed, Grant Brightey and Mick Forth. Skipper was in good form and came away with a maximum. Brightey and Forth, who was out for the first time this season won two games each against the Pegg brothers. Reed was unlucky not to pull off a win against Bryan Pegg losing in the fifth end 11-7. He did, however, team up with Brightey in the doubles and just managed to win in the fifth end 13-11 to square the match at 5-5.

Institute C trio of James Dobson, Kevin Buck and Les Sleight took on Welney’s John Loveday, Ashley Inwood and Steve Mason. Mason was man of the match with a maximum whereas Loveday, expected to win three, surprisingly lost to Buck in straight sets. Sleight had a tussle with Inwood and came out on top in three close ends 15-13, 13-11, 11-9 for a good win. Loveday and Mason won the doubles against Dobson and Sleight easily in straight sets giving Welney a 7-3 win.

Walton Highway A’s Paul Reed, Brian Chapman and Peter Munch won two games each against the Institute team of Matthew Knott, Callum Brown and Dale Parnell. As expected Knott came away with a maximum and then teamed up with Parnell in the doubles against Reed and Chapman and won comfortably in straight sets.

Welney’s top team of Steve Mason, Steve Kent and John Loveday were too hot for Institute Wasps regulars Clive Harrod, John Timms and Liam Irlam. Nine games went Welney’s way all won in straight sets, but Harrod prevented a whitewash beating Kent in four ends.

Walton Highway B only managed to field two players against top of the table Trojans trio of John Blyth, Chad Bassett and Mike Crowson. Graham Sheppard had a tough game against Bassett who just won it in the fifth 11-9. It was up to Steve Goodale to save the day and managed to overcome Crowson in four ends thus avoiding a whitewash.

Results: Pegg Scaffolding 5 (M Skipper 3, P Pegg 1. B Pegg 1), Walton Highway A 5 (P Reed 0.5, G Brightey 2.5, M Forth 2); Welney 9 (S Mason 3.5, S Kent 2.5, J Loveday 3), Institute Wasps 1 (C Harrod 1, J Timms 0, L Irlam 0); Walton Highway B 1 (S Goodale 1, G Sheppard 0), Trojans 9 (J Blyth 2.5, C Bassett 2.5 M Crowson 1); Walton Highway A 6 (P Reed 2, B Chapman 2, P Munch 2), Institute 4 (M Knott 3.5, C Brown 0, D Parnell 0.5); Institute Wasps 0 (C Harrod 0, J Timms 0, L Irlam 0), Pegg Scaffolding 10 (M Skipper 3, R Pegg 3.5, P Pegg 3.5); Institute C 3 (J Dobson 0, K Buck 2, L Sleight 1), Welney 7 (J Loveday 2.5, A Inwood 1, S Mason 3.5); Aqua 0 (R Dolan 0, M Bradshaw 0, T Furlong 0), Eagles 10 (R Mussett 3, O Turner 3.5, J Bell 3.5).

Smashers bounce back

JAMES Kelly of Odds On upset the form book in the March and District Neal-Wade Table Tennis League by defeating Abbie Stacey of Smashers by 11-7, 11-8, 8-11, 11-9 in his second singles match.

However, a hat-trick by Steven Patrick saw Smashers to a good win, with all the singles closesly contested.

David Dean and Sue Pitcher won a close doubles match over Lock and Rust 4-11, 11-7, 11-4, for Singers for a good start against Jaguars. Dean then defeated Mark Rust 11-4, 11-6, 10-12, 11-6. But in the end Jaguars were too strong and completed their seventh victory to remain unbeaten in the league.

Lightning moved into joint third place with captain John Palmer returning from holiday to score a maximum against Amigoes. Two from Dave Pictcher and Harry Amps backed this up. Juniors Perry and Amps fought out a 10-12, 12-10, 13-11, 8-11, 5-11 marathon in their singles game.

Two more juniors played in the Spartan v Spinners match, Taylor and Reynolds both playing at their best. Jack Taylor beat Luke Renynolds 12-10, 11-8, 11-4, then Reynolds defeated Chris Amps 11-3, 11-3, 11-2. Yet another maximum for Igors Scekalevs to lead Spinners to victory. Spinners Remain in second place in the league.

Results: Odds On 3 (Phil Pentney 0, Nick Willy 1.5, James Kelly 1.5), Smashers 6 (Val Kelly 2.5, Steve Patrick 3, Abbie Stacey 0.5); Singers 3 (Mike Pamby 1, David Dean 1.5, Sue Pitcher 0.5), Jaguars 6 (John Taylor 3, Philip Lock 1.5, March Rust 1.5); Amigoes 2 (Tim Holloway 1, John Palmer Jnr 1, Sam Perry 0), Lightning 7 (John Palmer Snr 3, Dave Pitcher 2, Harry Amps 2); Spartans 2 (Mike Bentley 1, Chris Amps 0, Jack Taylor 1), Spinners 7 (Igors Scekalevs 3, Richard Ablitt 2, Luke Reynold 2).