Steve stars

Eagles beat Welney 8-2 in the Wisbech Table Tennis League as expected but Steve Mason played out of his skin for two singles wins for the losers.

Aqua produced a long drawn out and fiercely contested game against Walton Highway A but came away with just one point. The match had in total six five enders but somehow Walton just managed to pull it off in five of these games.

Results: Eagles 8 (R Mussett 3.5, O Turner 2, J Bell 2.5), Welney 2 (S Kent 0, A Inwood 0, S Mason 2); Aqua 1 (M Bradshaw 1, T Furlong 0, R Dolan 0), Walton Highway A 9 (P Munch 3, P Reed 3.5, B Chapman 2.5); Institute 6 (M Knott 3.5, D Parnell 1.5, C Brown 1), Welney 4 (S Kent 2, S Mason 1, A Inwood 1), Institute 8 (D Parnell 2, C Brown 2.5, C Gay 3.5), Institute Wasps 2 (L Irlam 0, J Timms 0, C Harrod 2).

l MARCH & District Table Tennis league are holding their annual championships at the Neale Wade Sports Centre on Saturday with an 8.45 start and free admission.

The Cambridgeshire County Championships are also being held at the Neale Wade Sports Centre on Saturday, March 19 (8.45am).

For more details call 01354 652325.