Successful students

Four times a year students within the 15 Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do have the opportunity to take part in Colour Belt Grading examinations.

These gradings are conducted by 7th and 8th Dan Tae Kwon-Do Masters from around the country. To take part in a grading a student needs to have worked for an allotted time and be up to a good standard for the grade they are taking.

Results from local schools, successful students gaining their next level (belt): March - Red Belt: Kian Bradshaw, Danae Larham. Red Stripe: Alison Williams, Samuel Williams. Blue Belt: Meghan Sullivan, Shaun Williams. Blue Stripe: Jack Smith. Green Stripe: Daniel Miller, Mark Miller, Kerry Russ, Ella Waite. Yellow Belt: Andrew Mai, Alex Parker, William Parker, Thomas Perring, Thomas Smith. Yellow Stripe: Nicholas Hope, Jake Jones. Wisbech: Green Stripe, Kieran Bass, Leah Bass. Yellow Stripe: Adam Bennett, Alex Fisher.