Supervet Tom (80) averages 20mph

LUCK was with Wisbech Wheelers Cycling Club riders for the Tuesday evening TT with the wind dropping just before the start.

Supervet Tom Blanchflower made the course in 29.30 giving him an average of 20mph, a remarkable achievement for a man in his eighties. Veteran Paul Ashby was quickest as usual with 21.22. Road racer, David Jakeman followed up in 22.30 and third man coming back into form was Mike MacInernery in 23.14.

The next eight competitors were within 25 minutes including several of the newer riders.

Adrian Whiting was out again on Saturday determined to improve his form in the Ipswich BC event and posted 26.56 in strong winds. Top Wisbech lady, Becky Taylor rode strongly in the Wolsey CC 25 mile promotion on Sunday near Bungay in similar conditions and finished in 1.6.11.

Results, Tues, May 10, 9.7 miles: Ladies – B Taylor 25.39, D Hallahan (vet) 29.11. Men - P Ashby (vet) 21.22, D Jakeman 22.30, M MacInerney 23.14, S Emmett 23.37, D McLure 24.19, P Sims (vet) 24.27, A Ward (vet) 24.31, A Bean (jun) 24.31, R Eve 24.32, O McGuffog 24.33, A Jenkins 24.34, M Cherry 24,56, C Murly (vet) 25.14, P Baldwin (vet) 25.43, A Whiting 26.30, K Belding 28.22, M Bean (vet) 28.36, P Nobbs 28.50, T Blanchflower (supervet) 29.30.