Swimmers land second

WISBECH Swimming Club finished a gallant second in the third round of the Anglian league at Boston on Saturday.

The 20 Wisbech swimmers achieved nine first places through Grace Cherry, Jack Lane, Jade Marsters, Katie Bell, Matt Jakeman, Ollie Newton, Phoebe Gallagher, Robson Pack and the freestyle relay team.

Second place finishes came from Tom Marsters (2), Tom Kelly, Tom Hewitt, Remi Clare, Matt Jakeman, Lorimer Thomas, Laura Pattern, Katie Bell, Jack Lane, Grace Cherry, Emily Kelly, Dan Dale and Abi Foley. Remi Clare, Ollie Newton, Liam Carey, Kayleigh Hawes, Jade Marsters, Emily Kelly, Dan Dale and Cree Howlett had third places.

A total of 13 swimmers also achieved new personal best times: Emily Kelly (2) Jack Lane (2) Grace Cherry (2) Kayley Hawes, Tom Hewitt, Lorimer Thomas, Remi Clare, Ollie Newton, Phoebe Gallagher and Robson Pack.

The club are always happy to welcome new members of all ages and abilities. If you are interested check out the website at www.wisbechsc.org.uk for further details.