Tigers a roaring success at grading

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Students from White Tigers Karate Club enjoyed great success at their recent grading session with 11 passes.

In the seniors the passes were: Sharon Fairbanks 9 Kyu (orange belt), Helen Page 7 Kyu (green) and Tina Tomkinson 2 Kyu (brown and white).

The junior successes were: Joseph Else 10 Kyu (red belt), Mackenzie Broadhead 9 Kyu (orange), Abi-Lou Page 8 Kyu (yellow), Scott Goodhall 6 Kyu (blue), Tyler Wright 5 Kyu, Morgan Doy 5 Kyu (both purple), Owen Simmons 4 Kyu (purple and white) and Tamaya Beckett 2 Kyu (brown and white belt).