Trojans take table tennis championship again

Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Sport News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

In the Wisbech Table Tennis League, Walton Highway ‘A’s team of Alan Ashberry, Peter Munch and Paul Reed played leaders I.B.A. Trojans who fielded Chris Gay, Mike Crowson and John Blyth.

All the Trojans were in good form and it was Ashberry who made an impression winning against Blyth in four ends and against Crowson in a close three ender 14-12, 16-14, 11-8. Highway were only able to add just one more point when Munch beat Gay in four. So it was two each and Trojans finished it off with a doubles win by Gay and Crowson against Ashberry and Munch. With this win Trojans are league winners yet again as with just two matches left to play they cannot be caught.

Welney’s team of Steve Kent, Steve Mason and John Palmer were against Squashed Wasps’ team of Dave Patrick, Ryan Ringer Duffy and James Yu.

Player of the match was junior Ringer Duffy who was said to have played out of his skin to win his first maximum of the season. Yu was the only other player for Wasps to add to their score beating Kent in the fourth 15-13. Yu was unlucky not to add another against Palmer who held his nerve in the fifth 11-8. Mason and Palmer finished with a doubles win in three against Patrick and Ringer Duffy.

Vital T.T. fielded Mark Littlechild, Mark Willows and Bob Littlechild against The Fossils who only had two players, Tim Hines and Jerry Irving. With three players Fossils could have possibly won or at least got a draw as Irving had two easy wins over Willows and Bob Littlechild. Hines also had an easy win over Bob. Mark Littlechild won both his singles comfortably and took the doubles with Willows for a 7-3 win.

Wanderers’ Kevin Buck, Irmantas Kukuris and John Buck were against Walton Highway ‘B’s two of Steve Goodale and Graham Sheppard. Goodale had no problem with his maximum. It was Sheppard who suffered losing against Kukuris in three and to Kevin Buck in four, 12-10. Sheppard’s consolation was in the doubles beating Kevin and Kukuris to draw the match.

Scorpions’ Rob Rix, Jeff Chung and Dave Whitby were up against it versus Eagles’ Richard Mussett, Richard Cummins and Owen Turner. It was fairly easy going except in the last evenly-matched singles with Rix against Cummins. This went to the fifth when Rix just lost 9-11. There was a consolation in the doubles when Rix and Whitby saved the whitewash in four ends against Mussett and Cummins.

It is now all to play for second place when Eagles meet Walton Highway ‘A’ this week.