Walking netball takes off at Wisbech

Walking Netball. UhNphvZAU7GeiAAXoM_5
Walking Netball. UhNphvZAU7GeiAAXoM_5

Walking netball ladies attended the first-ever session in Cambridgeshire hosted by Andrea Eggleton.

The relaxed and fun sessions are running every Thursday 10-11am at the Hudson Sports centre in Wisbech for only £2 per week.

Deb Ward, one of the ladies who came along, said: “It was amazing – I really had a good time, a great workout whilst not noticing as we were having so much fun.

“Andrea Eggleton was brilliant, as were the rest of the Hudson team. Never thought I would get the chance to play netball again. It just goes to show you are never too old to do something you love.”