Ward bags new best

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Veteran Andrew Ward was the only Wisbech rider to enter the East District 12-hour Championship.

He pressed the pedals for the full 12 hours and was rewarded with a new ‘pb’ of 221.6 miles. The end of the Tuesday evening series looms with only two more races and there was a large entry with vet, Paul Ashby, the quickest once again in 22.04 with Mike Macinerney second on 22.37 and Doug McClure third with 23.08.

The annual battle between David Jakeman and his twin brother and triathlete, Andrew saw David in front by 4 secs this time on 23.18 after having lost last time by 6 secs.

The Cafe Sprint was contested at the top of five rises this week and with all the strongest riders elsewhere it allowed new riders into the mix.

The runaway winner was junior, Dan Blackwell with 12 points, vets Dave Webster and Pete Baldwin were second and third with 8 points and 7 points respectively.

Results. Tue, August 7: Ladies – D Hallahan (vet) 31.20. Juniors – J McClure 23.56, N Steel 26.42, J Ashby 27.16, D Blackwell 27.45. Men – M MacIneney 22.37, D McClure 23.08, J Kierman 23.12, D Jakeman 23.18, S Emmett 23.20, A Jakeman 23.22, M Webster 23.39, M McClure 23.40, W Hall 23.49, D Burgess 24.00, J McCrann (KLCC) 24.07, S Ridgewell 24.19, K Belding 24.49, R Pepper 25.33, P Nobbs 29.12. Vets – P Ashby 22.04, C Murley 24,28, J VanDaalen 25.16 A Ward 23.30, A Twycross 26.18, D Webster 27.41, J Brown 30.16. Cafe Sprint – D Blackwell 12, D Webster 8, P Baldwin 7, G Brown 2, N Pehl 1.