Wheelers take the team prize

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The King’s Lynn Open ‘10’ on Saturday afternoon hosted 80 riders and home rider Daniel Bloy of KLCC beat the elites with a sizzling 20.59.

Wisbech Wheelers took the team prize and with four riders in the top ten they were spoilt for choice. Jason Kierman led the charge with 22.19, Richard Eve and Mat Webster backed him up. The fastest lady was also a Lynn rider, veteran Catherine Essex, and the quickest lady from Wisbech was veteran, Elain Roesner with 27.50. The overall handicap was taken by another Wisbech lady vet, Lou Campion who sliced two minutes from her previous best.

In the Tuesday evening series Paul Ashby (22.22) took the victory by just one second from Richard Eve and veteran Ken Roesner was third. New rider Jamie Johnston also surprised a few regulars at his first attempt.

Results, Tue, April 30, 9.7 miles: Ladies (all vets) – E Roesner 28.01, L Campion 28.29, D Hallahan 32.07. Juniors – S Parrin 27.43, T Carter 28.18, J Shailes 29.12. Seniors – P Ashby 22.22, R Eve 22.23, M MacInerney 22.46, M McClure 23.34, D McClure 23.43, J Johnston 24.18, D Webster 24,29, M Hopkins (visitor KLCC) 24.37, S Emmett 24.50, A Ward 25.00, K Belding 25.34, P Nobbs 27.04. Vets - K Roesner 22.38, P Baldwin 25.48, J Brown 26.51, R Parker 28.37, P Hopkins (visitor Team Swift) 29.45

Sat, May 4, 10 miles: Ladies (both vets) – E Roesner 27.50, L Campion 28.13. Men – J Kierman 22.19, R Eve 22.31, M Webster 22.41, K Roesner (vet) 22.43, M MacInerney (vet) 23.47, S Emmett 23.47, D Webster (vet) 23.30, J Brown (vet) 26.39, Nathan Steel 27.30.