Whyatt a superb first season for Billie

MFCP Billie23
MFCP Billie23

Billie Whyatt, who trains at Shapers Gym in Wisbech, is having a superb competitive first season as a bikini fitness athlete by winning two out of three shows.

Achievements in the season so far for the 23-year-old are: first place in the UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) North East championships under 163cm bikini fitness; top 10 UKBFF British Finals 2014; and first spot UKBFF ‘The One’ show in Dartford 2014.

The daughter of Paul Whyatt, owner of Shapers Gym in Wisbech where she trains six days a week, Billie is following in her father’s footsteps as he used to compete.

Dedicated Billie, who diets seven days a week, said of her results: “These have never been achieved in this area before. I’m aiming for the nationals, Europeans, English grand prix and top six at the British finals in 2015.”