Winner Webster lays down marker

The last ‘15’ in the Wisbech Wheelers Tuesday evening series saw the first riders starting in rain which eased off and the light breeze meant fast rides.

Mat Webster laid down the marker with 33.09, with Richard Eve having to accept second and Mike Macinerney third.

Lady vet, Denese Hallahan knows when to up her game and was rewarded with a season’s best time in the EACC Open ‘10’ near Attleborough on Thursday with 26.53.

Results. Tue, June 18, 15 miles: Ladies - (all vets) L Campion 41 pb.11, E Roesner 42.36, D Hallahan 48.16. Juniors – N Steel 37.00, S Parrin 39.35 pb, J Shailes 41.07 pb. Seniors – M Webster 33.09 pb, R Eve 33.46, M MacInerney 34.19, S Emmett 34.56 pb, D Webster 36.46 pb, A Bean 37.16, A Ward 37.32. Vets – K Roesner 36.05, P Baldwin 38.58, J Brown 39.26.