Wisbech Grammar show pluck in the park

Wisbech Grammar School'MFCP-03-04-13 sport
Wisbech Grammar School'MFCP-03-04-13 sport

Senior sevens rugby players at Wisbech Grammar School have taken third place in a tough group at the national schools sevens competition at Rosslyn Park.

In the first match, against John Fisher, the team started with a bang as Jonathan Ison crossed the line for his seventh try of the sevens season. Joshua Widdowson then went as close as possible without scoring before an interception saw the opposition score a length-of-the-field try.

By half-time John Fisher had added a second and the Grammar School side was trailing 14-5.

The Wisbech Boys started the second half strongly, with Sam-Henry Pressling creating an overlap before a sublime offload enabled captain Matthew Retchless to score a second.

A number of fresh faces in the John Fisher side helped the opposition to snatch three late tries and boost its final score line to 33-10. The side eventually went on to reach the quarter finals, making it one of the top sevens teams in the country.