Wisbech pipped to winning post by one point

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Wisbech Swimming Club were pipped by a point for first when they hosted the A Final of the senior Fenland League on Saturday.

Wins by Emily Pilbeam in the 14/u100m Individual Medley, 14/u 100m Front crawl and 14/u 100m Backstroke and Ben Marsters Open 100m Breaststroke, Phoebe Gallagher 12/u 50m Breaststroke in the individual events.

Full results: West Norfolk 159, Wisbech 158, Huntingdon 132, Cambridge 125, The Saxons 124.

1st – Emily Pilbeam 14/u 100m Ind Medley pb, 14/100m u Freestyle, 14/u 100m Backstroke, Ben Marsters Open 100m Breaststroke, Phoebe Gallagher 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Junior 4x25m Medley Relay Hannah Brown, Phoebe Gallagher, Emily Kelly, Georgia Oliver, Mixed 8x25m Squadron Freestyle Relay Emily Kelly, Grace Cherry, Emily Pilbeam, Laura Pattern, Jack Lane, Oliver Newton, Dan Dale, Ben Marsters.

2nd – Hannah Brown 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Oliver Newton 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, 12/u 50m Freestyle pb, 12/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Emily Kelly10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, 10/u 50m Backstroke, 10/u 50m Butterfly, Jack Lane 10/u 50m Freestyle, 10/u 50m Butterfly , Tom Hewitt 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Grace Cherry 12/u 50m Freestyle, Ben Marsters Open 100m Backstroke, Phoebe Gallagher 14/u 100m Breaststroke, Laura Pattern Open 100m Freestyle, Junior 4x25m Medley Relay Oliver Newton, Ollie Harris, Robson Pack, Tom Locke, Senior 4x25m Freestyle Relay Abigail Foley, Katie Bell, Kate Newton, Jade Marsters, Senior 4x25m Medley Relay Jade Marsters, Phoebe Gallagher, Katie Bell, Abigail Foley, Senior 4x25m Medley Relay Liam Carey, Ben Marsters, Matthew Jakeman, Dan Dale, Junior 4x25m Freestyle Relay Oliver Newton, Jack Lane, Oliver Harris, Robson Pack.

3rd – Ben Marsters Open 100m Butterfly, Tom Locke10/u 50m Breaststroke, Hannah Brown12/u 50m Butterfly pb, Phoebe Gallagher Open 100m Breaststroke, Jade Marsters Open 100m Ind Medley, Matthew Jakeman Open 100m Ind Medley, Daniel Dale 14/u 100m Butterfly, Jade Marsters Open 100m Backstroke, Grace Cherry 12/u 100m Ind/Medley pb, Senior 4x25m Freestyle Relay Ben Marsters, Daniel Dale, Liam Carey, Matthew Jakeman, Junior 4x25m Freestyle Relay Hannah Brown, Emily Kelly, Georgia Oliver, Grace Cherry.

l For the third time this year the home of March Marlins, George Campbell Leisure Centre, hosted another Fenland League Gala, the Senior B Final.

Marlins swimmers put a good performance coming away with 16 PBs and a host of top three places on the night.

James Vardon won in 100m IM with a 2-second PB, 3rd in 100m breaststroke with a 4-second PB and also 8-second PB in 100m backstroke.

Siobhan Halliday came 1st in 50m backstroke with a 1-sec PB also 2nd in 50m breaststroke with a 1-sec PB.

Luke Cable came 1st in 100m IM with a 1-sec PB, 2nd in 50m butterfly with a 1-sec PB also 3rd in 50m freestyle.

Other results: Katie McGowen 2nd in 50m freestyle, 2nd in 100m IM and 3rd in breaststroke with a 1sec PB; Ben Wright 6sec PB in 100m IM and 1sec in 100m freestyle; Nat Cook 3rd in 50m backstroke with a 2sec PB and also 3rd in 100m freestyle; Kahra Cottam 3rd in 50m back and a 1sec in 100m freestyle; Gemma McGowen 2nd in 50m freestyle and 3rd in 50m butterfly; Graham Shaw 2nd in 50m backstroke with a 2-sec PB; Adam Lifshack 2nd in 100m breaststroke; Chloe Richardson 3rd in 50m breaststroke; Jacob Halls 2nd in 50m breaststroke; Hannah Lifshack 3rd in 100m IM; Jack Tremain 3rd in 50m butterfly.

Other Marlins swimmers: Jess Cable, Lara Palmer, Jake Hoy, Alfie McIntyre, Richard Peterson.

Winners Chatteris Kingfishers bagged 21 first places, 14 second places and 4 third places, with 16 personal best times.

Final points were Chatteris 185, Ely 176, Bottisham 143 and March 140.

Results, first places: Catherine Lee for 14/U 100m I.M. (p.b.) and 100m breaststroke, Mollie Allen 12/U 50m backstroke (p.b.), 50m butterfly (p.b), 50m breaststroke (p.b), and 100m I.M., Jo Pearce and Garry Mavin Open 100m butterfly, Finley Harper 10/U 50m breaststroke (p.b), Gary Smith Open 100m breaststroke, Lydia Gray 10/U 50m front crawl (p.b) and 50m butterfly (p.b), Mark Thompson Open 100m I.M., Charlotte Riches 14/U 100m butterfly, Stephen Mavin Open 100m backstroke and 100m front crawl, Tyler Thomas 10/U 50m butterfly (p.b) and the male 14/U/Open medley and front crawl relay team (Liam Oliver, Garry Mavin, Gary Smith, Daniel Riches), the female 14/U/Open front crawl relay team (Charlotte Riches, Kirsty Slyfield, Catherine Lee, Jo Pearce) and the mixed front crawl relay team.

Second places: Liam Oliver in 14/U 100m I.M., 100m front crawl and 100m backstroke, Charlotte Riches in 14/U 100m front crawl (p.b), Esther Loveridge in Open 100m breaststroke, Tyler Thomas in 10/U 50m front crawl (p.b), Catherine Lee in 14/U 100m backstroke, Kathleen Loveridge in Open 100m I.M., Lydia Gray in 10/U 50m backstroke, Kirsty Slyfield in Open 100m backstroke, Marie Doherty in Open 100m front crawl, the male 10/12/U medley and front crawl relay team (Finley Harper, Tyler Thomas, David Loveridge and Mason Christy) and the female 14/U/Open medley relay team (Kirsty Slyfield, Catherine Lee, Marie Doherty and Charlotte Riches).

Third places: Daniel Riches in 12/U 50m butterfly, Mason Christy in 12/U 50m breaststroke and the female 10/12U medley and front crawl relay team (Victoria Allen, Rachael Lee, Lydia Gray and Mollie Allen). Further PBs by: Mason Christy (12/U 50m backstroke), Rachael Lee (10/U 50m breaststroke), Daniel Riches (14/U 100m butterfly), David Loveridge (12/U 50m front crawl) and Liam Oliver (14/U 100m breaststroke).