Wisbech racer Gedney helps get fundraiser in first gear

Wisbech racer Mick Gedney
Wisbech racer Mick Gedney

The bank holiday racing action at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn, will be extra special on Monday afternoon (1pm) with a Crash for Cancer event raising funds for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Cancer Care and Treatment fund at King’s Lynn.

A record entry of 60 over Van Bangers has been assembled for the charity meeting which also features the 1500cc Banger East Anglian Team Championship and three-wheeled antics from Reliant Robins.

The event has been organised by Wisbech’s Mick Gedney, a long-time Banger racing driver who has not competed for eight years. Gedney is coming out of retirement to race alongside his 16-year-old son Brett.

“I always wanted to have another go now my son’s racing,” Gedney explained. “I thought if I’m doing this meeting, having another go, I’ll do it for a purpose. I lost my father through cancer and a couple of my friends who haven’t raced for many years lost their fathers through cancer.

“So, I think over a pint of beer one day, we sat there and said: ‘Right, we’re going to have another go and if we’re going to do it, this is the charity that we’re going to support’.”

Other Wisbech drivers who will be in action include Kevin McClagish, David Norris, Barry Overland and Simon Sparrow. With such a large number and wide variety of vans, including some vintage machinery, there will be plenty of carnage on track to keep the bank holiday crowd happy.

The 1500cc Bangers’ four-aside team event is regarded by many as one of the highlights of the season. It also features a fully-booked entry including Wisbech driver James Licquorice, who races for Team 322.

The last Reliant Robin meeting at the track proved to be a belter, and, with an entry double the size, Monday’s should be even better. Wisbech’s Roy Gedge is one of the category’s leading drivers.