Wisbech teams second and third

Wisbech hosted the Doug Perry Trophy Gala.

The members of Doug’s family cheered all the teams involved. The two Wisbech teams fought hard to secure second and third places.

Results: Dereham Otters 181, Wisbech Red 161, Wisbech Blue 102, March 96.

Wisbech Red, 1st: Hannah Brown 12/u 50m Butterfly pb, Ben Marsters Open 100m Freestyle, Open 100m Breaststroke, Jack Lane 10/u 50m Butterfly pb, Phoebe Gallagher 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Jade Marsters Open 100m Backstroke, Tom Locke 10/u 50m Freestyle pb, Hannah Brown 12/u 50m Backstroke, Oliver Newton 12/u 50m Backstroke, 12/u 50m Freestyle pb, Daniel Dale 14/u 100m Butterfly pb, Grace Cherry 12/u 50m Freestyle, Emily Pilbeam 14/u 100m Backstroke, Mixed 12/u Free Relay Hannah Brown, Ollie Newton, Robson Pack, Grace Cherry,

2nd: Jack Lane 10/u 50m Backstroke pb, Robson Pack 12/u 50m Butterfly pb, Phoebe Gallagher 14/u 100m Breaststroke, Jade Marsters Open 100m Freestyle, Molly Cross 10/u 50m Butterfly pb, 10/u 50m Freestyle, Tom Hewitt 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Emily Pilbeam 14/u 100m Freestyle, Open 100m Breaststroke pb, Dan Dale 14/u 100m Freestyle, Kate Newton 14/u 100m Butterfly pb, Tom Locke 10/u 50m Breaststroke, Liam Carey 14/u 100m Backstroke, Katie Bell Open 100m Butterfly, Tom Kelly Open 100m Butterfly.

Mixed age 4x25m Free Relay Molly Cross, Grace Cherry, Emily Pilbeam, Jade Marsters, Mixed age 4x25m Free Relay Tom Locke, Oliver Newton, Dan Dale, Ben Marsters, 14/u Mixed Free Relay Liam Carey, Phoebe Gallagher, Kate Newton, Dan Dale, Mixed Open Free Relay Katie Bell, Tom Kelly, Jade Marsters, Ben Marsters, Cannon Relay Molly Cross, Jack Lane, Polly Norman, Tom Locke, Hannah Brown, Robson Pack, Grace Cherry, Oliver Newton, Kate Newton, Dan Dale, Emily Pilbeam, Liam Carey, Jade Marsters, Tom Kelly, Katie Bell, Ben Marsters.

3rd: Polly Norman 10/u 50m Backstroke, Liam Carey 14/u 100m Breaststroke ,Tom Kelly Open 100m Backstroke.

Wisbech Blue, 2nd: Rio Howlett 10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Dominic Hawkins Open 100m Backstroke, Mixed 10/u Free Relay Oliver Harris, Kayley Hawes, Erin Wright, James Dobler.

3rd: James Dobler 10/u 50m Backstroke, Remi Clare 12/u 50m Butterfly, Cree Howlett 14/u 100m Breaststroke pb, Dominic Hawkins Open 100m Freestyle, Eve Norman 12/u 50m Breaststroke, Abigail Foley 14/u 100m Freestyle, 14/u 100m Butterfly pb, Alice Dennis 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Jacob Rhodes 12/u 50m Backstroke pb, Leanne Wiles Open 100m Breaststroke pb, Oliver Harris 10/u 50m Breaststroke pb, Emily Kelly 12/u 50m Freestyle, Lorimar Thomas 12/u 50m Freestyle, Cree Howlett 14/u 100m Backstroke, Will McKay 14/u 100m Backstroke pb, Sophie Robinson Open 100m Butterfly.

Mixed age 4x25m Free Relay Erin Wright, Eve Norman, Abigail Foley, Sophie Robinson, Mixed age 4x25m Free Relay Ollie Harris, Lorimar Thomas, Will McKay, Ryan Rout-Lester, Mixed 12/u Free Relay Remi Clare, Emily Kelly, Jacob Rhodes, Lorimar Thomas, Mixed 14/u Free Relay Cree Howlett, Will McKay. Charles Locke, Abigail Foley, Mixed Open Free Relay Sophie Robinson, Dom Hawkins, Abigail Rose, Ryan Rout-Lester, Cannon Relay Kayley Hawes, James Dobler, Erin Wright, Oliver Harris, Remi Clare, Jacob Rhodes, Eve Norman, Lorimar Thomas, Abigail Foley, Charles Locke, Cree Howlett, Will McKay, Abigail Rose, Dominic Hawkins, Sophie Robinson, Ryan Rout-Lester.