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Hayes leaves Wisbech out of 'self pride and respect'

Manager Seb Hayes has left Wisbech Town Football Club after just six months in charge.

Hayes walked away from the club after today's 3-2 defeat against Chasetown, claiming his own players had told him he was to be sacked. Although that has not happened and he has not officially resigned, he will no longer be in charge.

The former Holbeach and Huntingdon boss told me: "I've been hearing Chinese whispers all week and today club officials had a meeting with the players before the game and said I was being sacked, but nothing has been said to me. I've turned up today and my assistant knows the club wants to sack me.

Former Wisbech Town manager Seb Hayes (24259684)
Former Wisbech Town manager Seb Hayes (24259684)

"The way it's been handled is awful. I'd rather they come to me and say they want to make a change. But for the players to know about my fate before I do is just not good enough. I've come in here and worked my backside off and it hasn't happened but I need to be treated with respect because I've acted with dignity, class and respect.

"The fans have been brilliant towards me, unbelievable. I wanted to leave the club on my terms today after a win as I knew, regardless, that I wouldn't be at the club after today. I've got pride and respect for myself so if there is a manager lined up to come in, just sack me.

"How can I go into a changing room and try to effect that group when they all know what is going on and I don't. I only know because they told me. No officials have told me I'm being sacked, I've had no phone call. I know what to expect, that's football, but show me some respect.


Saturday night results service

"Then I would have told them I understand and thank them for the opportunity. I would have said I gave it everything I could and I haven't been good enough. It's the hardest I've ever worked at a football club. I can accept that what I've done isn't good enough but all I'm asking for is a little bit of respect back.

"That's it, I'm done. My own pride and self respect won't let me stay. Everyone I have spoken to have said my position is untenable when people know what's going on and I don't.

"It's a brilliant club, I've enjoyed my time here even though it's been testing circumstances. I would have stayed here all season but results wouldn't get me there and the club would have moved me on. You've got to win, you've got to get results and I haven't done that... but then tell me, don't tell other people.

"I've been straightforward with everyone at this club – the fans, the committee, the players – and that's all I wanted in return and I haven't got it. The noose was around my neck and I was a dead man walking and that should not happen – have a little bit more class and tell me. If you have another manager lined up, get him in – don't wait.

"It doesn't concern me if people say I've under-performed and I'm not good enough. My record up until Wisbech proves I am good enough. I haven't done enough here, I haven't had enough luck and I needed to do more to get results and I haven't done it. Now I've got to dust myself down and go again.

"I've done everything I can to bring success to the club and it hasn't worked. I don't want to go but it is what it is."

Hayes also expressed concerns for the long-term future of the club if it wants to stay playing at this level, saying: "We haven't got the resources to pay for the players we need to compete in this league. We have no reserve team, no under-18s, we cannot train on the pitch.

"I arranged for us to train at Yaxley for 10 weeks and paid out of the budget but now the club cannot pay for it. As a club, the infrastructure isn't there for Wisbech to be a Step 4 team. There's nothing underneath to promote players, there's no training facilities."


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