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Beccles and Nene Valley events appeal to Three Counties members

Three Counties Running Club members took on the challenge of two different running and swimming events at the weekend.

Sarah-Jane Macdonald and Jayne Spurrier travelled to Beccles to take part in the Beccles triathlon and Aquathlon event while Rachel Cooper and Steve Clarke were at the Nene Valley Swim Run.

The Beccles Triathlon and Aquathlon are both exhilarating and fun events for experienced triathletes, aquathloners and novices alike.

Sarah-Jane Macdonald and Jayne Spurrier after winning the relay event
Sarah-Jane Macdonald and Jayne Spurrier after winning the relay event

The event consisted of a 420m swim in the 30m lido then once leaving the pool running to your station to put on your trainers before running the 6.7km route to the finish line.

Participants can enter as individuals or as a team.

Macdonald entered the heated pool and completed her 420m swim in a time of 9:53 and then had to hand over the timing chip to Spurrier, who enjoyed a fantastic run completing the 6.7k in a time of 35:57 to give the ladies a combined time with transition of 45:46.

The ladies had a fantastic result by finishing 12 out of 41 participants but were shocked when it was announced that they were the winning team in the relay by more than 10 minutes.

Elsewhere, Cooper and Clarke participated in the 10k race at Nene Valley Swim Run.

The race consisted of a 400m run, followed by 750m swim, 2500m run, 150m swim, 3000m run, 700m swim, 1100m run, 275m swim, 800m run, 280m swim and ending on a 50m run to the finish.

Meanwhile, Sarah Lamb and Sarah Melton-Whitelam both celebrated their 100th parkrun on Saturday which they decided to do at Wisbech.

Wisbech: Sam Smithee 20:14 (first in age 5th/120), Jonathan Quail 24:22, Lauren Day 24:25, Naomi Smith 25:48 (CPB second in age), Phil Newton 25:55, Claire Smithee 26:05 (first in age), Sarah Johnson 26:42, Les Phillips 26:43, Sarah Melton-Whitelam 27:37, Jayne Spurrier 28:34, Vicki Newton 28:35, Matt Hunter 28:46, Steve Whitelam 28:55, Anna Holland 29:12, Zoe Gourley 29:21 (second in age), Donna Johnson 29:39, Laura Vincent 29:42, Ewa Szczygielska 30:01, David Hammond 31:37, Frances Salter 31:41, Sarah Lamb 32:13, Keith White 32:29, Sarah-Jane Macdonald 34:08, Jennie Ambrose 34:21, AJ Harris 34:46, Rachel Cooper 35:02.

Rachel Cooper and Steve Clarke
Rachel Cooper and Steve Clarke

Other parkrun results

Eastleigh: Joely Apps 34:03.

St Annes: Jonny Clark 23:08, Jodie Clark 29:52.

March: Melvin Green 31:16.

Manor Field: Colin Apps 26:39.

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