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Victory for Scaffolders in Wisbech Table Tennis League

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Eagles faced second placed Pegg Scaffolding in the Wisbech League and Ian Owen was in fine form to claim a maximum to the loss of one end.

The Scaffolders all claimed two wins each, to complete their victory, before Richard Mussett and Ian Owen won the doubles in three ends.

Bottom club Ramblers faced a strong Stingers line up and tried their hardest to put up some resistance. However, the going got tough and Stingers ran out 10-0 winners.

Chris Gay and Igors Scekalevs both scored straight sets maximums.

The Warlords line up included new signing Clive Welsman and what a signing it was! Clive was too strong for Wanderers, for whom things looked grim, until they recovered by winning the last three games.

Guntars Briedis & Peter Munch chipped in with two each for Warlords as they ran out 7-3 winners.

Wisbech Wizards against Batmen saw probably the longest three end game of the season, as Alan Ashberry beat Mark Littlechild. Rallies took so long to finish, that people visibly aged whilst watching!

Meanwhile Brett Hepenstall kept up his fine 100% record with yet another maximum and Dale Parnell took no prisoners for a straight sets maximum of his own.

The Inbetweeners vs Wisbech Spartans match saw man of the match Chad Bassett in great form, scoring a maximum, whilst ably supported by Sam Kiddle with two. Spartans Keith Phillips also scored two, losing only to Chad Bassett in five.


Eagles 4 - I Owen (3), R Mussett (0), J Bell (0), Mussett/Owen (1)

Pegg Scaffolding 6 - M Skipper (2), J Mason (2), P Pegg (2), Skipper/Pegg (0)

Ramblers 0 - T Trayford (0), J Hodgson (0), M Spinks (0), Hodgson/Spinks (0)

Stingers 10 - C Gay (3), I Scekalevs (3), P Reed (3), Gay/Reed (1)

Wanderers 3- R Rix (1), M Smith (0), S Kent (1), Rix/Kent (1)

Warlords 7- G Briedis (2), P Munch (2), C Welsman (3), Briedis/Welsman (0)

Wisbech Wizards 10 - B Heppenstall (3), D Parnell (3), A Ashberry (3), Heppenstal/Parnell (1)

Batmen 0 - M Littlechild (0), V Parker (0), P Rich (0), Parker/Rich (0)

The Inbetweeners 7 - C Bassett (3), S Kiddle (2), M Woodall (1), Kiddle/Bassett (1)

Wisbech Spartans 3 - David Hughes (0), S Goodale (1), K Phillips (2), Goodale/Phillips (0)

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