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Tydd St Giles golfers donate to help brave George


Five year-old George Hall with mum and dad, Susie and William Hall, came to Tydd St Giles Golf Club to collect monies donated to George to go towards waterproof hearing aids.

At birth George had no respiratory heartbeat and was delivered by an emergency section.

The family, who hail from West Walton, said: “After he was stabilised he was rushed to Norwich for intensive care treatment. We were given a 50 per cent chance of his survival, and didn’t get chance to hold him for the first time until he was 16 days old.

“George had a gastro nasal feed tube until he was nine months old and had a peg feed fitted to his tummy until he was 18 months old.

“He is a trooper, and in his short life George has achieved so much!

“He attends mainstream school and swims twice a week (this helps with his muscles). However, he can’t hear without his hearing aids.

“To help make life better George needs waterproof hearing aids and one-to-one instructor for the deaf.

“Both are important as without swimming his muscles hurt and without hearing aids he cannot hear in the pool.

“George is a happy boy with lots of friends, and we try to maintain a positive outlook for him, but equally look for things that will enable him to live a full life.”

To help support George along the way John Anker and Steve Fisher, representing Bulley & Davey accountants, donated £320 from their golf day.

Anker also donated £200 from Wisbech Sunshine Club.

Tydd St Giles GC captain Vinny Day and vice captain Lee Smith donated £1,000 from their charity. They all wished George and the family the very best for the future.

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