Nativity is a stage for pupils cast for action

Pupils re-enact the nativity scene at Sutton St James Primary School. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG151216-100TW. ANL-161217-190106001.

Children at Sutton St James Primary School will have a more international view of Christmas from now on after a nativity play of truly global proportions.

A team of staff took the traditional elements of the birth of Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph, angels, shepherds and wise men, but placed them in the setting of other cultures.

Pupils from Sutton St James Primary School's Swallows and Wrens classes rehearse for the school's nativity play. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG151216-102TW.

The result was “Children of the World”, the school’s own, unique take on the nativity story which starred Reception pupils and those from Years 1 and 2.

A school spokesman said: “It wasn’t really a traditional nativity play, although it had some of the traditional characters in it.

“It was actually about Christmas traditions in different countries and the children all worked really hard to learn their lines.

“It took several weeks to put together, there were lots of staff members involved in the performance and all the youngsters had a role to play.

The young chorus learn the lines, and songs, before the play. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG151216-105TW. ANL-161217-190546001

“A few of the older ones had speaking parts, with some of the younger ones just singing, but everyone worked hard to learn the songs and the performance did form part of the children’s education.”

The play was performed in front of parents and grandparents on Thursday and, according to the spokesman, “everyone seemed to enjoy it.”

One of the youngsters in the cast of Sutton St James Primary School's nativity play. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG151216-109TW. ANL-161217-191015001

Children practice for the nativity play's chorus. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG151216-104TW. ANL-161217-190431001

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