Flood alert issued for River Nene

A flood alert has today (Thursday, January 12) been issued by the Environment Agency for the River Nene, warning of possible flooding along the river.

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Cambridgeshire U-turn on streetlights

Lights across Cambridgeshire that had previously been dimmed or switched off to help make savings have been turned back on.

March Town Sign ANL-150322-161823009

March hit by water shortage

Hundreds of homes in the March area look set to be without water for much of the day today.

Brent Cheshire, DONG Energys UK Country Chairman.

Wind farm’s £9.3 million East Coast Community Fund opens

Villages in South Holland and south of Boston can now apply for grants from a £9.3 million fund for community and environmental projects.

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The wind farm under construction back in 2013.

£30,000 of Tydd St Mary wind farm cash up for grabs

Small, not-for-profit community groups operating within ten miles of The Grange Wind Farm site, near Tydd St Mary should apply now for a grant of up to £5,000, although priority will be given to worthwhile projects within five miles.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid.  Photo by Sajid Javid.

Government Minister switches off solar park plans for Sutton St James

People in Sutton St James can celebrate after confirmation that a last-ditch bid to build a renewable energy plant in the village has been rejected.

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Sutton St James wind farm protestors

Government set to endorse district council’s decision

People power is expected to win the day as the Government is set to turn down an appeal to build a massive third solar park in Sutton St James.

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Angela Johnson, chairwoman of WAAD addresses the public meeting in Wimblington ANL-161031-162825001

Wimblington public meeting is unanimous in opposition to AD plan

Villagers fighting a plan for an anaerobic digester have launched an online crowdfunding appeal to stage an appeal in the High Court.

TREE ROW: Sean Portass, with partner Dana Garkavaya, outside one of his pubs in Long Sutton.  Photo (TIM WILSON): SG220515-107TW.

Long Sutton pub builder ‘fuming’ over tree cutting row

A Long Sutton-based property developer is at odds with parish councillors over the cutting back of a tree outside one of his pubs.

Energy news

Cambridgeshire residents ‘lost £45 million by not switching energy suppliers’

People in Cambridgeshire are potentially losing out on millions of pounds in savings by not switching energy suppliers, according to new research.

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Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks

Fenland Council Cabinet approves brown bin charge

Fenland Council’s controversial proposal to introduce a charge for its brown bin service was given the go-ahead by the authority’s Cabinet today (Thursday).

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DONG Energy of London has set up an East Coast Community Fund worth �9.3 million over the next 20 years for coastal towns and villages within 570-mile radius of both Race Bank and Hornsea Offshore Wind Farms.

Wind farm offers annual £465,000 community cash pot for South Holland villages

Villages in South Holland and south of Boston could share in an annual £465,000 community fund created by the company behind a new wind farm.

WWT Welney Wetland Centre volunteer Shaun O'Driscoll pictured with a Bewick's swan.

‘Human swan’ flight with migrating birds sparks volunteer plea at Welney Wetland Centre

Interest in a conservationist’s flight alongside thousands of swans as they make a 4,500 mile journey from the arctic to the UK has sparked a plea for volunteers.

Localised flooding could happen anywhere in East Anglia today

Met Office updates its storm warning for the East today

Some places in the east of England could get half the average monthly rainfall it a few hours today, the Met Office has warned.

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Daddy longlegs invasion

Plague of 200 billion giant daddy longlegs on the way

Dislike creep crawlies? Brace yourself for an invasion of billions of daddylong legs.

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Sleepiness linked to traffic noise and pollution

Sleepiness linked to traffic noise and pollution

Nodding off in the middle of the day may be down to pollution generated by traffic, suggests new research.

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St Matthew's Church, Sutton Bridge.  Vicar David Oxtoby & Lesley Robinson  Gods Acre in churchyard, screen in church that has CCTV link to swift boxes in tower,  Details David Oxtoby on 01406 258572 or 07595 387652
volunteer Charlie Doades in tower by bell and bird boxes ANL-160815-115534001

Sutton Bridge church gets ready for its very own ‘swift watch’ in the bell tower

Move over Springwatch – St Matthew’s Church at Sutton Bridge is launching ‘swift watch’, complete with nesting boxes in its bell tower.

Keen conservationist Lesley Robinson, volunteer Charlie Doades and the Rev David Oxtoby check out the wild flowers in a corner of St Matthews churchyard at Sutton Bridge. SG150816-112TW

It will be “swift watch” from the bell tower at Sutton Bridge Church

One nest box has a CCTV camera inside and it’s hoped by next year that there will be some feathered residents for visitors to watch on the big screen inside the church.

Meanwhile technology is being used to play recorded calls of swifts night and morning so passing birds get the idea that St Matthew’s is a safe haven for them.

The RSBP says “swifts are in trouble”, with breeding numbers dropping by 42 per cent between 1995-2013.

Local conservationist Lesley Robinson approached the Rev David Oxtoby to see if the church could help.

With support from the vicar and help from volunteers, the nesting boxes have gone in – and, in a second conservation project, a quiet corner of the churchyard is developing into native wildflower meadow, which will help attract bees and butterflies.

Lesley said: “With advice from swift expert Dick Newell, swift boxes were made to specific plans and placed behind the louvres in the tower.

“We have been playing swift calls to attract our fastest level flying birds.

“Regrettably with modern farming methods, lack of insects and habitat, the future of our acrobatic swift population, is not looking hopeful.

“A church belfry is an ideal nesting site and many churches now across the country are having success in providing homes for these summer visitors.”

The boxes have been in situ for a while but so far no swifts have taken up residence.

Lesley said: “Typically, for the first year we have only created interest, with swifts simply flying around the tower regularly, attracted to our bird calls. Many churches have reported little success on the first year, but the following year the young birds return. And so we are hoping for swift families next spring.”

In the churchyard itself, a large swathe of brambles and nettles have been cleared to create an area for native wild flowers.

Lesley said: “This will not only provide food, shelter and homes for a wide variety of wildlife, bees and butterflies, but will also create an area of beauty and interest for visitors to the churchyard.

“Bird, bat, insect and hedgehog boxes have been donated and installed.

“The Caring for God’s Acre charity is dedicated to creating wildlife havens within the sanctuary of churchyards across the country, and we have followed their aim.”

Lesley said small grants came from Lincolnshire County Council and SBPC for conservation, swift nest boxes were donated by Hallgate Timber, of Long Sutton, and Shire Shed Company, of Sutton Bridge, and public donations paid for bird boxes.

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Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks

More than 7,000 people respond to Fenland Council’s public consultation on brown bin proposal

More than 7,000 people have contacted Fenland Council about its proposal to begin charging for brown bin collections, it has been revealed.

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