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Chatteris reader's social history lesson

Regarding the ‘insult’ over plans for the Quaker Meeting House at Chatteris. Or should we say “the society of friends” meeting house?

Here’s a social history lesson for you. The Quakers are a very old and respectable establishment. In their beliefs you are born a “free man”.

Many of the Quakers’ beliefs are that “man was born free in the eyes of God”, they also believe in “freedom of speech”, but don’t believe in “rank, file and number” as they and their fellow brothers are all equal. “Personal wealth” and material gain are of no significant or social importance.

The Quaker House in Chatteris (28594271)
The Quaker House in Chatteris (28594271)

They are “at one with themselves, and follow their own conscience and free will!”. They practise “humanity” in the face of adversity with a polite “I thank you brother”. They also believe that all men are brothers, being Quaker or not.

One of the most famous Quakers was William Penn who, after a spell in London’s Newgate prison for his preachings and perceived sedition to the Crown, was granted a tract of land by King Charles II in the US to set up a new society for the Quakers.

The land was decreed and signed over on March 16, 1681. Penn went on to move this tract of land near Maryland and New York, in his own name, and founded “Pennsylvania” in 1682.

Mark Burton,


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