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Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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Re Working Tax credits. My message to my MP Mr Barclay is to ask why he is not looking after the low-paid workers of Fenland – those who are willing to work but are low paid.

Having tax credits removed will bring so much hardship to some, even having the food banks will not be enough.

There are a lot of well-off people here in Fenland, but also many working poor. You were put into Westminster to be a voice for your electorate – which includes all. I am not sure where you stand on this.

Jacqueline Wright,


a47 junction


Concerning the A47 junction at Broad End Road, Walsoken. Having lived in the road for 50 years I feel I know the area.

I lived through the building of the A47 Wisbech By-pass. One of the problems for engineers was that there was only a comparatively small gap in the row of houses along Broad End Road to get through without destroying someone’s home.

Large lorries coming from the south could not get round number 62 if they wanted to turn left to go to Walpole Fruit Packers. There were a lot of them. The answer was to delay the left turn and turn left round the existing slip road. This also protected several bungalows from the noise of heavy lorries.

Suddenly this is not a legitimate reason? Building a roundabout may need the demolition of number 62 – how many homes are the roundabout advocates prepared to destroy?

Who are the 651 people who have signed the Facebook petition; who are the 506 people signing an e-petition for Bridget Wall, along with a further 381? Are these characters available for scrutiny?

Perhaps there are duplications or nom-de-plumes. Is this really a legitimate practice in a democracy?

There are legitimate travellers on the road other than drivers. Where will pedestrians go? They have votes in a democracy. What are these notorious dangers? These need to be verified. Who records deaths and injuries?

I turned to police records for this information, Freedom of Information Act 2000 ref 0709, the last death at this junction was seven years ago. Does that warrant the destruction of a home?

If MP Steven Barclay wants to dictate to those outside his constituency may I suggest he gets the boundary moved. It would not need to be far to bring the junction under his legitimate control.

G Doubleday,


bank cutting

We needed it

In response to David Eldridge regarding the grass cutting at Guyhirn (Letters, October 14), you have to assume he does not live in Guyhirn.

If he did, perhaps he would appreciate the fact it has finally been cut. It makes the village look more attractive and this was overdue.

Through most of the spring and summer we are lucky if it is cut twice, and when it is, it is not the neatest because the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency cannot seem to co-ordinate the cutting of the verge and bank together.

As a resident I would like to see it cut more often. Let’s make our village more attractive.

Maybe the Parish Council should get more involved and have some pride in how our village surroundings look.

Brian Beacon,


queen’s girls’ school 1957-62

Reunion plan

The ‘A’ stream who attended the Queen’s School for Girls in Wisbech from 1957-1962 hope to stage a reunion in 2016.

We are desperate to find the whereabouts of the following ex-pupils – Carole Stokeley, Pat Woodhouse, Helen Nightingale, Pat Taylor, Louise Mitchenere, Rae Pegg, Pat Young, Valerie Usher, Jean Dixon, Jean Lusher, Janet Fowler, Linda Foster and Caroline Partridge.

If anyone can help please contact or

Susan Robb,


hospitals praised

Thank you

May I take this opportunity to thank the staff at QE, North Cambs and Papworth hospitals for the care they gave me.

Also I would like to thank my family, who are very precious to me, and Matt and Trish Green, Joe Warren, and Vinsent Epicoco and Melvin Slow – they have all renewed my faith in mankind.

A very big thank you to Dr Clitheroe – without her I would not be here.

Michael Carr,