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Newton reader says cash will always be king

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If John Smithee thinks cash is no longer king, and only used for illicit dealings (how does he know that?), he should get out more (Letters, January 22).

Does he realise how much banks charge businesses for card readers? It would take a large chunk out of the profits of small businesses.

Not only do fish and chip shops not take cards, but our local greengrocer, Brewers, doesn’t either, neither do market stalls, charity shops, plus many others.

Cash (28158482)
Cash (28158482)

All seem to manage quite happily. My husband and I went to a large auto jumble at Newark where there were hundreds of stallholders and none of them took credit or debit cards either.

What about local charity fetes, etc. Are their stallholders supposed to carry card readers, too?

What my paper delivery man would say if I asked him to pay by card would be unprintable. We are frequently asked in the aviation museum if we take card payments – for a £3 entrance fee!

All of the above bank takings at the end of each day. So his robbery theory is out of the window, too.

I know that Brewers has been broken into once, but because there was no money on the premises overnight, they just suffered a broken till.

He talks about statistics, well according to another recent statistic, you are twice as likely to get your cards cloned than be mugged.

Cash will always be king.

Shirley de-Groome,

Newton in the Isle.

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