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Wisbech resident says 2010 closure of Bowthorpe Centre indicative of Labour's decline

This year, it will be ten years since the Bowthorpe Mental Health Day Centre was closed by the Tory-controlled Cambs County Council following instructions from Gordon Brown’s New Labour Government.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism), psychotic depression, mood swings, Astynomiaphobia (fear of the police), Gynophobia (fear of women), and suicidal ideation.

As such, between 1992 and 2010, I attended the Bowthorpe Centre in Wisbech, which was then based at Bowthorpe Hall, and then at the Carlisle Ward at North Cambs Hospital.

The old Bowthorpe Centre in Wisbech. (25900146)
The old Bowthorpe Centre in Wisbech. (25900146)

Gordon Brown really did believe that he had abolished ‘boom and bust’ and that there would be jobs for everyone, including the disabled and the mentally distressed.

The late Dr Dennis Morgan (the Labour-supporting consultant psychiatrist for Wisbech between 1974 and 1999) set up the Day Centre in 1983 at the Matron’s flat at North Cambs Hospital.

Dr Morgan would be shocked that a ‘Labour’ government closed his beloved Bowthorpe Centre in 2010.

No wonder support for the Labour Party is in terminal decline.

John Smithee,


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