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Chatteris family offer £1,000 reward and warn others after cat is shot

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A Chatteris family is offering a £1,000 reward to help catch the 'disgusting, vile' person responsible for shooting their cat.

They are also warning other pet owners to be on their guard in the Wenny Rec area of the town following the incident which left three-year-old Mittens needing emergency, life-saving surgery for the two pellet wounds.

Her owners, Josie Reynolds, and her family, have been left upset by what has happened to Mittens and have come up with the reward, which will hopefully see whoever hurt Mittens face convictions for both animal cruelty and criminal damage.

Mittens is lucky to have survived after being shot twice with an air rifle.
Mittens is lucky to have survived after being shot twice with an air rifle.

Josie, who described the culprit as a "disgusting, vile, pathetic excuse for a human being", said Mittens had not been seen for a couple of days before she arrive home early last Sunday (20) morning and was spotted curled up in a ball just inside the back door.

She said: "We have a cat flap which means Mittens and her sister Misty, who actually both belong to my 14-year-old son, can come and go as they like.

"We hadn't seen Mittens for a couple of days, which is not unusual, and then on Sunday morning my partner saw her come home at around 5.30am on Sunday.She came in and lay just inside the door, and then when I got up at around 9.15am she was still laying there, which I thought was a bit odd as she normally disappears when she sees me coming.

The X-ray shows the two pellets - one close to her spine the other wedged in her ribs.
The X-ray shows the two pellets - one close to her spine the other wedged in her ribs.

"She then allowed me to stroke her and that's when I realised she had blood on her fur. I looked to see where the blood was coming from, I thought perhaps she had got caught on something or been hit by a car.

"She was floppy and not really responsive so took her to the emergency vet straight away, who agreed it was most likely she had been hit by a car, and then he did the X-ray and that was when we realised she had been shot. It showed two pellet wounds - we were in shock. One was close to her spine and the other was wedged in her ribs.

"It was clear the first shot took her down and the second one was meant to finish her off, but she survived and some how made it home. It was also clear that it was intentional as she is a black and white fluffy cat so can't really be mistaken for a rabbit.

"She was lucky to survive and we are so grateful to the incredible staff at Triovets who provided her with such great care. She is now home and is slowly recovering, and enjoying all the fuss.

"We want to warn other pet owners that there is someone out their shooting cats, and to also try to catch whoever is responsible, which is why we are offering the reward to anyone who saw anything either late on Saturday night (19) or in the early hours of Sunday morning (20).

"People can either private message me on Facebook or they can email the police at: IMUmailbox@cambs.pnn.police.uk with incident 35/12357/22 as the subject line."

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