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Communication break down

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

It is often the simplest things which have the most effect. Communication is critical to modern life.

However our councils fail to understand this common mantra. The changes to the Wisbech Market Place are the latest manifestation of their ineptitude.

Anyone observing the way traffic behaved under the previous layout could not fail to note the number of vehicles being driven the wrong way along High Street on market days.

I once watched a driver do just that. Not satisfied she then continued past another no entry sign, and then on to Union Street where she ignored yet another sign.

Surely it was not beyond the ken of even the least capable of council employees or of councillors to realise that chaos was likely to result from the latest changes.

Temporary freestanding large No Entry signs at the Evison’s end of High Street – like those used for road works (and heavens above we have seen plenty of those lately) –and a Blue Arrow sign in front of the 99p shop (facing Union Street) would have been seen better than the miniature permanent signs. If the No Entry signs are so placed as to reduce the width of the carriageway they are less likely to be ignored.

These are simple low-cost measures which will help to bring order to the chaos. Bearing in mind the outcry in the press, why hasn’t something similar been put in place especially as it would be so easy to do?

Flyers in shops, cafes, offices and on market stalls would have informed everyone of the changes. A few mentions in the press and a handful of notices around the Market Place were never going to be sufficient.

This is yet another example of our councils failing to communicate with the public. Surely they should have learned lessons from the Spinney Play Area, the Active Play Area in the park (which eventually resulted in a day in the High Court – at what cost to us all?) and the plan to sell the open space next to the Oasis Community Centre.

Then there was the gerrymandered vote on the original plans for the Market Place. Of course just to rub salt into the wound, the council then chose a completely different plan following the military tactic of creating a diversion at the decisive meeting.

The saga of the Market Place could be nominated for an Oscar for the most original comedy if it hadn’t won the Oscar for the most unresolved tragedy!

A little less politicking and more attention to practical matters wouldn’t come amiss!

John Smith,



‘Frittering’ money away

I am delighted that Elliott Harding is getting his operation and am sure that you will join me in praising Steve Barclay MP for supporting Elliott.

If the NHS stopped frittering away money on unnecessary bureaucratic nonsense, more would be available for expensive operations.

I can illustrate this from my own experience. Having received notification of a hospital appointment and confirming it by phone, I was sent a reminder letter.

Assuming that the NHS writes an unnecessary reminder letter to every person with an appointment at every hospital, the cost is astronomical – money that should be spent on patient care!

Lloyd Forster,


photo plea

Remember jawbone?

Does anyone remember the old Whale Jawbone which was originally in Mill Rig, Upwell , or have a photograph of it, or any information about it?

Have any local papers ever made mention of it when it was first erected [about 1922] or know when it was eventually taken down?

An elderly resident in Wisbech has memories of seeing it in his youth in Upwell, and would dearly like to see a photo of the whale jawbone if one can be found.

Judy Green,


Fenland Family History Society.

Moore Memories

Alien to UKIP?

I recently watched a “Sky At Night” programme entitled ‘What have Aliens done for us?’ There was old footage showing Patrick Moore (RIP) and I noticed that he was wearing a UKIP badge.

I assume Patrick’s concern was not about immigrants from Europe – but an influx of little green men. Surely this is stretching Farage’s capability, not to say arrogance, too far!

A Guest,


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