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Conservatives win control of Fenland District Council

John Clark is delighted with the Conservative success on Fenland District Council
John Clark is delighted with the Conservative success on Fenland District Council

A wave of blue swept over Fenland District Council during the local elections.

Weeks of campaigning came to an end yesterday when residents went to the polls to cast their votes for the district council elections.

The Conservatives won more than 26 seats and have increased their majority from the previous election.

Leader John Clarke said: “It has been a better result than we expected. We had some hope that after the result of the General Election that it would influence Fenland voters and it has done, we have got even more seats then we had before we went into the election.

“It is nice to have the support of the Fenland voters and we will all do our best to represent them in the best way we can.

“It is going to be a difficult four years with difficult decisions to be made. We have already had our budget cut by £8 million and I expect that to be cut even more.

“I think we have been open and honest with the electorate and won’t make any false promises we won’t be able to keep.

First victory scored by legendary Dave Boy Green (Con), who took the Birch Ward seat. He scooped 780 votes while Sandra Rylance (UKIP) and Joseph Ratcliffe took 203. Turn out was 62.9 per cent.

Carol Cox (Con) won her fifth election after winning the Clarkson ward with 351 votes.

She said: “It was a very fair fight but obviously I am pleased to have won. “

Other candidates Norman Booth (UKIP) received 261 votes and Ann Purt (Lab) had 185. The turnout was 45.9 per cent.

Dave Patrick (UKIP) was ousted from the Kirkgate ward which has now passed to Gary Tibbs (Con), who received 495. The turn-out was 53.01 per cent.

He said: “I feel elated and somewhat surprised. I did not really expect this.”

Ralph Butcher and Alex Micondlon (Con) took the Benwick, Coates and Eastrea ward with 1,423 and 993 votes each. Shane Alexander (Green) received 730.

Bassenhaly’s two seats went to Kay Mayor (Con) and Chris Boden (Con) with 1,150 and 1,355 respectively. Colin Gale (Lab) received 637 and David Chapman 510. Turn out was 61.9 per cent.

Octavia Hill ward was won by Simon King (Con) and Sam Hoy (Con). They received 914 and 1,071 respectively.

Miss Hoy said: “I will do my best to serve the voters of Octavia Hill.”

Other candidates were: Andrew Hunt (Ukip) 691, Kathy Dougall (Lab) 493 and Dean Reeves (Lab) 418. Turn out was 50.68 per cent

Mark Buckton (Con) won Manea with 763 votes with Ian Woodard (Ind) receiving 368. Turn-out was 65.57 per cent.

Mr Buckton said: “I would like to thank all the voters for putting their trust in me and I will work hard for them.”

Husband and wife duo Virgina and Michael Bucknor have won the Waterlees village section by receiving 973 and 949 votes respectively. Mr Bucknor is in hospital and could not attend the vote.

Mrs Bucknor thanked the team for rushing the count and added: “It has been a very challenging time as we know the Conservatives were targetting us . We wish to thank residents for allowing us to continue to serve them.

“The feed back we receive is heart warming. They came out to support us.”

Other candidates votes were: Aigars Balsevics (Con)582, Brenda Barbour (COn) 656. Turn out was 44.4 per cent.

David Hodgson received the best present for his wedding anniversary by winning the Staithe ward. He and his wife Judy celebrate on Monday.

He received 540 votes while Reg Mee (Lab) had 188 votes and Caroline Smith (UKIP) had 349. Turn out was 53.87 per cent.

Steve Tierney won the Medworth seat with 594.

He said: “The work begins now to make a real difference to the town and keep building to do something positive.”

Paul Edwards (UKIP) 210, Jo Reeves (Lab) 150, Helen Scott-Daniels 40. Turn-out was 52.4 per cent.

Another high ranking Conservative, David Oliver, claimed the Peckover ward with 620 votes. Nick Meekins had 396. Turn out 57.21 per cent.

He said: “As everyone knows I am a man of few words so I would just like to say thank you.”

Sarah Bligh (Con) did not expect to be elected but received 1,138 votes in Parson Drove.

She said: “I am completely unprepared for this as I did not think it would go my way.”

Gavin Booth (Lib Dem) was also elected 1,040 votes from Parson Drove voters.

He said: “This is a very humble moment to have been elected by so many people. Politicians should remember the trust people put in you.”

Other candidate votes were: David Brooker (Con) 1,028, Nicholas Poole (Lab) 408 and Brian Sandall (Lib Dem) 635.

Elm was retained by the Conservatives with Michelle Tanfield and Will Sutton receiving 1,047 and 1,034 respectively.

Both candidates the staff and voters for their support.

Votes for other candidates were: Phil Webb (UKIP) 739, Martin Bower (UKIP) 739, Jane Feaviour-Clarke (Green) 356 and Tony Feaviour-Clarke (Green) 278. Turn out 62.38 per cent.

Conservatives Mike Cornwell (1,436) and Steve Count (1,493) along with Stephen Court (Lib Dem, 1,012) have won the three March North seats.

Mr Count said: “I would like to thank the people of March for giving me this opportunity to serve for another four years.”

Other candidates and their vote share were: Andrew Crrawford (Green) 805, John Gowling (Con) 982, Jeanette Sherman (Ind) 641 and Peter Tunley (Ind) 898. Turn-out was 58.89 per cent.

Roman Bank was a white wash for the Conservatives with Samantha Clark (1,651), Michael Humphrey (1,557) and Chris Seaton (1,350).

Other votes were: Susan Carson (UKIP) 965, Andrew Charalambous (UKIP) 1,057, Paul Clapp (UKIP) 830, John Cook (Lab), 582.

March East was a full sweep by the Conservatives with John Clark (1,487) retaining his seat along with Fred Yeulett (1,135) and Andrew Pugh (1,126).

Other candiates were: Katharine Bultitude (Lab) 745, Martin Field (Lab) 779, Bernard Keane (Ind) 514, Sylvia Keane (Ind) 405, Alan Lay (UKIP) 878, Lisa Moone (Ind) 464, Robert Williams (Lab) 702.

Kit Owen (1,254), Jan French (1,554) and Rob Skoulding (1,396) took March north.

Other candidates were Jane Murton (Con) 580. Peter Murton 537, Mark Purser 1,056, Simon Robinson 454, Matthew Routledge 519.

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