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Corr! West Lynn ferry saves hapless rook

The Rook moments after hopping off the ferry to freedom
The Rook moments after hopping off the ferry to freedom

Lynn’s big-hearted ferryman came to the rescue of a trapped rook which was facing certain death.

West Lynn Ferry owner Steve Kingston spotted the hapless bird after it had become stuck below the stairs next to the Ouse Amateur Sailing Club in Ferry Lane, Lynn, on Monday morning.

With tides rising and its feathers becoming wet, the juvenile rook was not likely to survive.

But kind Mr Kingston was able to fashion an escape route for the rook using a series of boats.

He was able to push the rubber dinghy under the stairs for the rook to hop upon.

The bird was then able to hop on to the main ferry before jumping onto the steps.

The rook then proved to be an unusual sight for passengers climbing off the ferry as it was seen drying off on the hand rail before later flying off.

Mr Kingston’s wife Gail witnessed the rescue.

She said: “I was amazed that it hopped on to the dinghy and then further amazed when it hopped onto the ferry and then onto the stairs.”

Rooks, which are members of the crow family, are one of the UK’s common species of bird. The birds are social animals and are generally seen feeding in flocks in open fields or roadsides.

They generally avoid the busy sections of towns so it is now known how the rook lost its way to end up below the stairs.

Rooks and crows are difficult to tell apart, but remember the saying, “That rook’s a crow and those crows are rooks,” showing that rooks normally flock together and crows are solitary.

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