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Disgusted by Masons move

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I write with utter disgust at the article in the Fenland Citizen July 15, page 9; Leader lodges motion over Freemasons.

In particular they have ruled that membership of the Freemasons must be declared under the Councillors’ code of conduct.

Do they not know that not only is that discriminating, but also in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights?

Are they also demanding that Rotarians, Buffaloes, Golf Club and Women’s Institute members declare their memberships? I sincerely hope they are.

I am neither a member nor employee of Fenland Council, but I am a Freemason and very proud of it.

This archaic attempt was also made by the Metropolitan Police and got overturned. How very dare they?

The particular section of the European Court of Human Rights Act is https://wcd.coe.int/ViewDoc.jsp?id=1142711&Site=COE

I have already written to the United Grand Lodge of England Grand Secretary, and will be watching this closely – particularly the outcome at yesterday’s meeting of the Council. Let’s hope they didn’t opt to break the law.

Marc Lewis,



Barbara Reynolds lament

Link with Dorothy lost

With the death of Barbara Reynolds the Fens has lost an intrinsic link with crime novelist Dorothy Leigh Sayers.

Barbara was a great friend of Dorothy and a brilliant scholar and acclaimed biographer of the crime writer.

I exchanged letters with Barbara in preparation of my book Dorothy Leigh Sayers And The Fens, a campanological-cum-murder tribute to the “cunningest” and internationally-acclaimed thriller, The Nine Tailors, based on the Fens around Wisbech and March.

Dorothy often visited her parents, who lived in the old rectory at Christchurch, near March, where she completed the novel Whose Body in her Lord Peter Wimsey detective series.

Dorothy was a Christian apologist and internationally famous for such literary masterpieces The Mind of The Maker and The Man Born To Be King. She was internationally-acclaimed for her literary work on Dante.

Miss Sayers visited March on several occasions and mentions St Wendreda’s Church’s famous angel roof in The Nine Tailors.

She was not keen on the Fens, but admired the stoical qualities of Fenmen.

She wrote of the Fens: “God missed out the stairs!”

Trevor Bevis,


Concert praise

Hope for a return

Firstly, let me thank you for including the concert details held in church in the edition of Wednesday, July 1.

This was a concert given by the students from March’s Neale Wade Academy and their first time of performing in St Mary’s Church at March.

The event was well attended and full use of the excellent acoustics of the church was made as there was a classical guitar solo and also one for violin.

The programme was varied in content and included a song by the Beatles (Yesterday) and the ever-popular ‘Smoke gets in Your Eyes’ by Jerome Kern played on a euphonium. There was a flute solo of Elgar’s lovely melody, Chanson de Matin and the first movement of a Mozart flute concerto.

Also included was the fourth movement of the Mozart horn concerto, well-known by the words set to the theme by the famous Flanders & Swann duo of many years ago.

Hopefully we will enjoy a return performance from the students at Neale Wade.

Roger High,

Organist at St Mary’s Church,

Westry, March.

citizens advice

Debt service so helpful

I found the article in last week’s Citizen about the services available from Citizens Advice Rural Cambs most interesting.

The debt management advice given by trained Citizens Advice debt advisors is most helpful.

Unlike commercial debt management companies, who charge for their services, the advice given by Citizens Advice is free and impartial.

John Smithee,


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