Drink-driver caught at 6am

Police news.
Police news.

A disqualified motorist was caught drink-driving by police after being breathalysed at the three times over the limit - at 6am.

The driver of a Nissan X-Trail was stopped by police in Wisbech, Cambs, today (November 25) after driving erratically.

When breathalysed, the man blew a reading of 110 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millimetres of breath, the legal limit is just 35mg.

Fenland Police Tweeted: “Disqualified driver arrested this morning in Wisbech. Driver had blown 110 at 6.19 hours #shocking.”

Police also discovered the man was disqualified from driving.

He subsequently failed to provide a second sample at the police station and has been detained in custody. His vehicle was seized at the scene.

To add to the driver’s misery, Fenland Police tweeted a picture of a jail cell, with the caption: “He will spend the rest of the day in his own room to sober up.”

The man remains in police custody.