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EU: Soul-searching needed

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

The big question to be answered – do we stay in the EU, or do we get out? To answer requires a lot of thought and soul searching.

The EU has failed its first idealist perceptions and become a messy tangle of unnecessary laws and edicts – almost as if the electorate of the nations have been forgotten. During this time it has become a sanctuary for failed British politicians; finding them jobs which pay twice that of the annual salary of our Prime Minister. It is no wonder they fail to present a credible yearly balance sheet.

As the years roll on the German leader, Angela Merkel, and her inner circle are controlling Europe; that is exactly what warmonger Adolf Hitler wanted to do in 1939/45; albeit for a different reason.

During those war years Great Britain stood up to this tyrannical despot. However, with the help of our Commonwealth forces and United States forces, Germany’s killing machine was destroyed; followed by a surrender. This victory came at a price, but they never broke the resilience of the British people.

It was 1973 when Prime Minister Edward Heath led us back into the clutches of a European Union; with many high ranking German politicians in the mix. We are now embracing a country who wanted to overrun us. This tells me one thing; all those people who gave their lives for King and Country during 1939/45 had died in vain.

We won the war, we have lost the peace; Frau Merkel and her inner circle will take great pleasure making the British Government dance to their tune. If we fail to sing from the EU “hymn sheet” it could be very costly to our country. Remember; leopards never change their spots.

We were once a proud trading nation, living on an island, but with the French, the Channel Tunnel was built. From that day we lost our Island status, we became a cul-de-sac, an open door for illegal immigrants from countries all over the world; and there seems very little we can do to stem the flow.

When the time comes to vote we must think of the past and the future. If we vote to come out of Europe, we know the cost will be astronomical.

Frau Merkel’s EU will want to extract massive sums of money from the treasury; money we can ill afford.

The only bargaining power we will have; threaten to close the Channel Tunnel at the Dover end. That is the way I see it at this moment in time.

Reg Wenn,


A guessing game at best

This whole thing is a calculated, low-risk, PR strategy for David Cameron to say he has listened to the electorate. I don’t believe he had any intention of considering leaving the EU, and to have a referendum on something as complicated as this does not, in my view, serve the country well.

We have some of the highest-ranking economists, business leaders and politicians in the country disagreeing over the benefits of remaining or leaving and it’s simply impossible to predict what will happen if we were to leave.

How are we supposed to make an informed choice? This is a profoundly complex issue and, at the moment, we simply have key figures asserting it will or it won’t be beneficial to stay in or leave, but with no evidence-based reasoning in support either way. At best, this is a guessing game.

Steve Newton,

Address supplied.

Give us our country back

The EU has developed into a farce, no less than a corrupt conglomeration of nation states soon to lose their identities to the whims of the so-called leaders.

This forerunner of a hazy vision of a United States of Europe is constantly at loggerheads and it is clear to me that any prominent figure willingly becoming an advocate of it risks becoming corrupt, too.

For 150 years Germany strived to subjugate Europe with the intention to dominate its neighbours. The result was misery and millions of deaths in much of the world.

Britain opposed the Teutonic embrace and was finally victorious. A victory for democracy. It is still Germany’s ambition to dominate, this time using stealth.

It is imperative we restore full elective sovereignty to Parliament, make our own rules and abide by our own laws, rather than be shackled to the Continental conglomerate of nations that will never reform, and whose clear aim is to eliminate totally Britain’s long-standing independence.

Cameron and Osborn are besotted by the wafer thin EU which does not care for what Britain wants. It is time to give us our country back, a sentiment shared by certain continental nations who recognise the peril facing them.

Trevor Bevis,


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