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Fenland-based rock band Dead Reynolds is dropping its new single and video with a deep meaning behind it

A rock band with members from Fenland areas have been working on a new single and video based on addiction.

Dead Reynolds, with members from March, Chatteris and Huntingdon, has made a new single and video called 'Wake Up,' which will be available on Spotify from tomorrow (Friday).

Their genre of music is alternative rock- taking inspiration from Bring Me The Horizon, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park.

Rock bands new single and video
Rock bands new single and video

It is about the effects of addiction and the day in the life of an addict, inspired by guitarist Dominic Greenwood,whose brother-in-law collapsed at his house and needed CPR.

The track was recorded and produced by Jack Murphy from Crystal Sounds Studio, in Docking, who won an award alongside the band at the New Music Generator awards in Sept 2022 .

Dominic's brother-in-law Shane has been an alcoholic for a number of years and last year collapsed at his house with a seizure brought on by alcohol abuse and he stopped breathing.

Rock bands new single and video
Rock bands new single and video

Dominic started CPR on him and he was taken to hospital where he made a full recovery... but soon started to drink again.

Dominic said: "It affected me as it's upsetting and I see his sister (Shane's wife) getting upset and feeling so helpless that I channelled it into a song and Wake Up was written in a few days and recorded quickly after Christmas.

"We then decided to release it with a video and asked Shane if he wanted to be in it and play the character and tell the story of a day in the life of an addict - he agreed and has said it was a great experience, enlightening and has helped with his recovery.

"The message we are trying to get across is the family support that is needed, how an addict feels like an outcast and how they are often treated like that.

"Plus the lack of support there is. In an A list world the stars check into rehab but it's just not like that for normal people.

"Outside of the 30 min AA session there isn't anything so the only option is to go back to the most important thing - the bottle.

"Shane loves music too and is a real supporter of the band so is really behind this."

The band will be making a donation to a local church and the AA group that Shane attends when the Spotify sales are finalised in a few months.

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