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Wisbech to get an investment of up to £20m

Wisbech has been named among 20 towns to receive up to £20million of Government funding for investments over the next ten years.

The funding was announced in Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s budget on Wednesday and confirmed by Minister for Levelling Up Jacob Young.

Cllr Chris Boden, Fenland District Council leader, said: “On the face of it this is obviously very welcome news for Fenland and Wisbech.

Steve Barclay. Photo: PA
Steve Barclay. Photo: PA

“We are looking forward to analysing the detail of the offer and specifics of how this money can be used to benefit Wisbech, its people, and businesses.

“Wisbech is a wonderful town, with rich heritage, strong community and lots of potential. We hope this will prove a valuable investment to help hone and release that potential.”

MP for North East Cambridgeshire Steve Barclay said: “I very much welcome this £20m of government support for Wisbech and look forward to working with councillors, businesses, and local residents to take forward this investment.”

The cash comes under the Government’s ‘Long-Term Plan for Towns’, a core part of our levelling up programme.

Last year, 55 towns were identified to receive funding as part of this programme.

The chancellor confirmed new funding and support worth £400m to extend the programme to 20 more towns across England, Scotland, Wales, and now also Northern Ireland.

In the announcement of the initial round of funding it was said: “Each town will have a new Town Board made up of local community leaders and employers, who will draw up their town’s Long-Term Plan for the next 10 years.”

In announcing Wisbech’s funding, Jacob Young MP said: “The Long-Term Plan for towns is a fundamentally different way of approaching the challenges towns face, putting power back into the hands of local people so that they can decide on local priorities and what is best for the long-term future of the places in which they live.

“We want to make towns places where people and businesses want to invest, creating new jobs and breathing new life into our high streets and town centres.

“The relevant local MP must sit on the Town Board, should be engaged in the appointment of the independent chair of that board, and consulted as part of the development of a town's Long-Term Plan.

“Each town will receive ‘endowment-style' funding and support worth up to £20 million, giving them the certainty to deliver projects over the 10-year lifespan of the programme and flexibility to invest in interventions based on local needs and priorities.”

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