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General election 2024: Terry Jermy promises to be ‘an MP for the whole of South West Norfolk’ after defeating Liz Truss

South West Norfolk’s new MP has vowed to tackle challenges in the area which ‘can’t be ignored’ after defeating Liz Truss.

Terry Jermy claimed a stunning win at Lynnsport this morning, emerging victorious by more than 600 votes against the former Prime Minister - who has held the seat since 2010.

Ms Truss made an eleventh hour appearance at Lynnsport, in King’s Lynn only arriving on-stage moments before it was confirmed that Mr Jermy had sealed victory.

Terry Jermy is the new South West Norfolk MP after defeating Liz Truss.
Terry Jermy is the new South West Norfolk MP after defeating Liz Truss.

Fellow candidates had been waiting on stage for several minutes beforehand, with sarcastic claps echoing around the room.

When she did arrive, it was confirmed that Mr Jermy had received 11,847 votes to her 11,217.

Reform UK’s Toby McKenzie came in third with 9,958 votes, while independent candidate James Bagge - who had been widely tipped to challenge for the seat - received 6,282.

Following his monumental victory, Mr Jermy said he was delighted with the result - and will be celebrating with ‘lots of sleep and a nice party’.

Big smiles from Terry Jermy and his team after an election win in South West Norfolk.
Big smiles from Terry Jermy and his team after an election win in South West Norfolk.

“I’m slightly nervous, but I’m very excited to get on with the job of being the MP for South West Norfolk,” he said.

“We always knew it was going to be close. There were nine candidates, there were votes spreading in numerous different directions, and I’m surprised it wasn’t closer to be honest.”

With voters in the constituency largely split between Labour, the Tories and Reform, Mr Jermy believes he has what it takes to unite residents despite their contrasting choices.

“I hope I can demonstrate what a hard working local MP can achieve,” he said.

“Whether you voted for me or not, I will be the MP for the whole of South West Norfolk. I look forward to working with the community to deliver.”

When interviewed during his election campaign, he insisted that people in the borough were hoping for change heading into yesterday’s vote.

That theme has been witnessed across the country, with Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party achieving a huge majority in parliament as many high-profile Tory MPs joined Ms Truss in losing their seats.

“I think people genuinely wanted change here in South West Norfolk. That was very clear,” Mr Jermy added.

“We have challenges. Yes we are a beautiful part of the country, but under the skin of it there are challenges in South West Norfolk that can’t be ignored.

“I look forward to doing what I can to address them.”

The new MP’s number one priority revolves around the NHS. During his speech after being announced as the winner, he told an emotional story about his late father and the struggles he faced in accessing healthcare.

“Dad, you are not here to see this, but this is for you and everyone like you,” he said.

Adult social care, dentistry, GP services and mental health provisions are among the areas he hopes to boost.

Mr Jermy has also made clear that he does not support MPs having additional jobs, and he will therefore be standing down from his roles on Thetford Town Council and Breckland Council.

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