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GoFundMe says thanks for helping Wanda the neglected dog from Wisbech

Wanda has settled in well with her new family and has recovered from her awful neglect.
Wanda has settled in well with her new family and has recovered from her awful neglect.

A neglected dog from Wisbech who was helped by crowd funding donations has become part of a national campaign to promote GoFundMe and the causes it has helped.

Wanda was in an horrific state when she was found abandoned in a Fenland village back in April. Her story went viral after animal rescuer Shelley Ridgeon, of Ravenswood Pet Rescue set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Wanda’s vet bills.

Shelley explains: “The page as initially set up with the intention of raising £3,000 – but thanks to the generosity of GoFundMe users, the page raised over £8,000 in its first week. Just four months later, the difference in Wanda is remarkable, and she is now on the mend.”

Wanda was adopted by Gail Arnold and her family who initially fostered her while she underwent treatment. But the family fell in love with her and now she is a permanent part of their home in March.

A spokesman for GoFundMe explained: “Every single person who donates to a GoFundMe campaign is making a powerful difference to another person’s life. It’s a simple kind deed that can have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact.

“While a huge number of donations come via personal connections to a campaigner, organiser or beneficiary, many GoFundMe donors give their money to complete strangers without expecting anything in return.”

Now the crowd funding organisation has decided to say thank-you to some of those who have made donations in the past and among those to receive thanks were two people who donated to Wanda’s cause.

As a part of its ‘Thank You’ campaign, GoFundMe arranged a surprise meeting to bring donors, Sheila Porter and Donna Preston, to meet Wanda. To set up the meeting, GoFundMe pretended to be making a documentary on charitable donations. The pair had no idea they would be meeting Wanda later that day.

Donna Preston said: “I couldn’t believe the difference in Wanda when I got to meet her. She was like a totally different dog. It was so great to see where my money was going and that it had made a real difference, just with a few clicks of a mouse. I never thought I’d get the chance to see Wanda face to face.”

Wanda’s owner, Gail, said: “Wanda is a lovely dog, so friendly, loveable and – most importantly – healthy. It’s amazing that she has been transformed by the generous donations from strangers across the UK. I am so inspired by how British people come together to help out those in need, without expecting anything in return.”

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