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Help vision for country park

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

If, like me, you are dismayed at the lack of opportunities for walking and cycling in the countryside around Wisbech, now there is an opportunity to express your views and to make this a priority for the future of the town.

The questionnaire on the ‘Wisbech: beyond 2020’ project offers a large country park with cycle routes as one of the choices in a 2040 Wish List for improvements and new projects which could transform Wisbech in the future.

By responding to the questionnaire and showing that this is one of your top priorities you will help to make the development of a country park on the outskirts of the town a reality.

The Vision document and questionnaire are widely available across Wisbech – in the library, community centres, one stop shop, schools and on the Fenland District Council website.

The deadline for responses is October 30.

Sue Beel,


reader’s vision

Our interests at heart?

Re: John Smithee’s letter, September 23, in Readers’ Views.

You have to give John Smithee credit for consistently believing in the new Socialist Utopia that is just over the horizon now that Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party.

Call me cynical, which John Smithee will, but our country under “democratic working class control” will of course have leaders and functionaries to do the bidding of the leaders.

Do any of us, knowing human nature, actually believe that these people will have anyone’s interest but their own at heart?

‘Animal Farm’ may be an allegory but it does point to what will happen if the hard Left that have taken over the Labour Party get control. With Socialists it is always jam tomorrow, sacrifice today.

Look at the implications of what John Smithee has said about the control of major companies and banks – no compensation to shareholders unless they pass a means test.

So all you people who are paying into private pensions will have your pension pot stripped of significant value when your new Socialist government takes control of major companies and, of course, places its own supporters on the board.

Not you and me but placemen who will become covert oligarchs paying themselves vastly more than the Chief Executives ever did – but, of course, it’s a worker’s democracy so we all own it and the knowledge that we all own it is enough to make us feel good isn’t it!

Never mind that the UK would be pariahs when it comes to inward investment.

Re-nationalisation according to Corbyn’s policy starts between 2020 and 2025 when he will not renew the half or so of the rail franchises that fall due for renewal, so by 2030 we might get a Nationalised railway. Can you wait that long?

There is enough here in John Smithee’s letter to suggest that the hard Left idolise a sort of Soviet style closed economy. Called a worker’s democracy it was merely a form of greedy, grasping, cruel dictatorship.

Ask Simon Danczuk the MP for Rochdale who is now fearing de-selection by Corbyn activists who are joining his local party. The intimidation and bullying is starting. The Soviet style purge begins.

David Silver,


festival funds

Thank you

Sutton Bridge Power Station recently donated £800 to our flower festival funds. The festival took place in July and raised £4,000.

We are very grateful for this donation and for grants of £150 to Sutton Bridge Flower Club and £200 to Ladybirds Society and would like to say thank you to all involved.

Patricia Blundell,

Sutton Bridge.

Fire service


Your recent article stating that a 50p tax rise “would save fire service” has great merit – however the fire service has done such a brilliant service in reducing the risk of fire by their wonderful publicity campaigns, that maybe we don’t need quite such a large service. I may be wrong.

If we carry this idea on, perhaps we should pay, say £5 per week extra for the NHS, £1 for the police, £3 for the Armed Forces, etc. Do we want higher taxes or reduced services? The choice is ours.

Richard JC English.

Gaywood Road, Lynn

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