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Honesty on health, please

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with dismay the news in the Citizen (December 9) that the Uniting Care contract has ended after just eight months because it is “no longer financially viable”.

We are told not to worry but, quite frankly, this is a shambles. Firstly, the CCG decides to put the whole thing out to competitive tender at a cost of £1m.

Then I was given to understand that most of the private firms interested backed out because it was not financially viable, leaving just Virgin and Care UK (who have the worst reputations) and an NHS consortium.

After the contract was awarded the Community Services Trust says it can no longer continue to run North Cambs Hospital because most of its staff have been transferred to the NHS consortium which won the bid.

The poor staff have been kicked around from pillar to post for the best part of two years. It is down solely to the dedication of these staff, despite all the insecurity and change over those two years, that we have a service at all.

As to an innovative model of integrated care, that has not been my husband’s experience over the past five months.

Again it has only been the hard work and dedication of the District Nurses and the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn that has overcome the obstacle of the service fragmentation, mainly caused by different Trust protocols.

We don’t need any more assurances from Neil Modha and the CCG that despite their fiasco services will continue; we know the doctors and nurses will see to that.

But it is our money and our services that the CCG are playing with.

Before they boldly take us into another disaster we deserve some honest, straight-talking answers.

Sue Dockett,


councillor congratulated

Entered the ‘vipers’ nest’

Congratulations to Dick Mandley for becoming a UKIP county councillor.

I read with interest his letter entitled “I was simply being open” (Letters, December 2), especially the various comments at the end – with my attention particularly drawn to the sentence “she has the arrogant belief”.

I’m sure that will stir a response in a future edition of the newspaper.

Unfortunately Dick Mandley has placed himself in the proverbial “vipers’ nest” by becoming a councillor.

I’m sure being sniped at is all everyday practice when you hold such important local government positions.

This is why I did not put my name forward to become a local councillor – despite wishing to make a difference in our local community.

I think this established vitriolic behaviour has now been highlighted by the recent case of Mr Elliot Johnson, of Wisbech.

If people of a political belief turn against their own with such venom what does the future hold for the rest of us as members of the public?

Clearly reinforcing Mr Mandley’s comments in his letter over secret societies and sects and the FDC ‘fiefdom’.

Mark Burton,


tractor convoys

Should they pull over?

I am writing to totally agree with the views expressed by Mark Birch in his letter last week.

The vehicles he refers to often travel in convoys of two or three.

This makes travel for cars even slower and I have seen people who are obviously frustrated, or have urgent appointments, overtake in very dangerous places.

The tractors often dump mud on the road surface which, when it drizzles, makes the road like a skid pan.

I understood that if a slow-moving vehicle has a build-up of seven or more vehicles behind them, they should pull over at the first opportunity and let others pass – but I have rarely seen this happen.

Mitch Mitchell,

via email.

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