How many will use Wisbech rail link?

Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

From time-to-time we are familiarised wth the desirability of restoring the rail link between Wisbech and March, so as to be a convenience to commuters working at these places and beyond.

In this day and age the motor car reigns supreme in terms of convenience and time. I ask whether the idea of a restored rail link will be preceded by an in-depth study of viability and convenience not always achieved by railways these days.

Market research is needed for any business and the cost of implementing a rail link proved to be a worthwhile venture against the convenience and viability of using cars and road transport in general.

As things stand, nationwide inconvenient times and horrific delays are the scourge of railways and cars are up and away at the will of owners.

How many people are likely to use trains on a re-opened line?

Trevor Bevis,


Labour leadership

How will it work?

Re:Worker’s Democracy.

John Smithee (Letters, August 19) does not explain how a Worker’s Democracy under Corbyn will work. I recall that Soviet Russia was a Worker’s Democracy as is North Korea now.

Stop kidding people Mr Smithee. The worker’s democracy will not be run by workers but by the members of the Party with the strongest power base.

As evidence that process of control is already starting, Corbyn’s followers are even now looking at ways to deselect MPs who do not support him. Witch hunts, vilification, and purges – the stuff of Socialist activists.

Two of the things I have discovered are:

i) Jeremy Corbyn wants to give the Falkland Islands to Argentina and has been a guest regularly at their embassy in the UK;

ii) he has shared platforms with holocaust deniers and Islamic promoters of terrorism and Sharia Law.

Jeremy Corbyn is a political nonentity (in fact, there is nothing wrong with being a political nonentity as such – most politicians are) who in order to get some praise, recognition and status resorts to the company of holocaust deniers and Islamic promoters of terrorism.

For Jeremy Corbyn this is a “dialogue” to resolve difficult issues. For the holocaust deniers and Islamic promoters of terrorism they have found themselves a “useful idiot”.

“Useful idiot” is not me being abusive. “Useful idiot” is a term (often used by Marxists) to describe well-motivated people who are easily duped into carrying out the work of the ill-motivated people.

To summarise; Corbyn democracy is a subversion of real democracy. Corbyn the MP is a nonentity and Corbyn the politician is a “useful idiot”.

It looks like former members of the Labour Party like me might have to re-join to fight the bully boys that Corbyn’s election will unleash.

David Silver,


Need change

A lot has been written in this paper about Jeremy Corbyn recently but what has not been mentioned is that behind “Corbynomics” is Downham Market chartered accountant and economist Richard Murphy. Richard is the author of ‘The Courageous State’, which argues for a new economic model – a combination of Spirit of ’45 with 20/20Vision.

Richard, along with Nobel prize-winning economists and scores of reputable economics professors at universities in the UK and around the world, is saying that the neo-liberal/monetarist economics of the past 30 years are dead.

It is no good to continue trying to flog a dead horse back to life while all the time pinning the blame for the poor creature’s demise on the unemployed, sick and disabled. We need a new engine to drive the economy forward.

Jeremy Corbyn has put forward realistic economic policies to achieve that but, more importantly, he wants to open up a debate about the future. If he becomes leader of the Labour Party and achieves that alone he will have done a great service to this country.

The old guard promise change but only offer a variation on the same old theme. We need change and Jeremy Corbyn is offering real change – not change dictated by a small elite, but the change demanded by thousands of ordinary people. That is why the political and social elite are so afraid of him they have had to resort to the old style smear and fear tactics. If Jeremy becomes leader of the Labour Party it will be up to all of us who want to see a stable economic future for this country, not decades of austerity, to support him and ensure that debate takes place.

Sue Dockett,