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Wisbech incinerator: they think we're all fat, thick, inadequate, depressed, alcohol-dependent, self-harming oiks

Wiswin have put MVV’s Scoping report (written by Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions UK Limited) on their website, so I had a read of some of it. I’ve quoted some of the bits that might be of interest.

The scope of the assessment is based on a high-level review of desk-based baseline information.

In layman’s terms Wood are being paid to sit on their backsides, cutting and pasting from various reports done by others.

We are standing side by side by side with our readers against the incinerator. (31501907)
We are standing side by side by side with our readers against the incinerator. (31501907)

This is how they describe us (P166 onwards):

  • Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the England average
  • 20.9% (205) of children are classified as obese
  • Levels of GCSE attainment (average attainment 8 score) and breastfeeding are worse than the England average
  • In 2019 the rate for alcohol-related harm hospital admissions is worse than the average for England
  • The rate for self-harm hospital admissions is worse than the average for England
  • Estimated levels of excess weight in adults (aged 18+) and physically active adults (aged 19+) are worse than the England average

Their conclusion – you are all a bunch of fat, thick, parentally inadequate, depressed, alcohol-dependent, self-harming oiks, so it doesn’t matter if you breathe exhaust fumes, get run over, or develop long-term health conditions from the chimney’s belching smoke.

Local planning for Fenland has already outlined what is and is not acceptable. (P180 onwards).

Forgive me for including these lengthy quotes but you need to see how little this company cares about Wisbech, since their proposed incinerator will be contravening all of the local planning requirements outlined below.

LP14: "Proposals will take account of: Surrounding landscape, townscape and heritage assets; residential and visual amenity; noise impact; specific highway safety; high quality agricultural land.”

LP8: “development should contribute to the promotion of Wisbech into a strong, safe community focused market town, preserving and enhancing its unique character and making appropriate use of its heritage assets to benefit its regeneration, tourism potential and sense of place”.

“The Proposed Development should: Make a positive contribution to the local character and distinctiveness of the area; ……Identify, manage and mitigate against any existing or proposed risks from sources of noise, emissions, pollution, contamination, odour and dust, vibration, landfill gas and protect from water body deterioration…”

So, Local Planning would not allow the incinerator to be built, but MVV is claiming that this is a national infrastructure project in order to take the decision away from the local councils and put it in the hands of a remote Secretary of State.

Wood list all the risk factors from the proposed development and then proceed to play them down with the use of language like “temporary”, “unlikely to give rise to” which, while stating the risk, suggests the risk is minimal – but how long is ‘temporary’ and ‘unlikely’ is as indeterminate as you can get.

To cap it all off the report states that there will be health benefits from having the plant in operation (P187) and, what’s more, pigs will be seen flying over the rooftops of Wisbech and you will all become rich and happy citizens blessing the day MVV came over from Germany to save us.

David Silver,


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