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It’s a sad fact of life

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with interest your story ‘Widow calls for warden’, Citizen, January 13, re older people living alone and the fear of dying alone.

As you rightly say in your report – either in sheltered accommodation or private – sadly today the chances of laying dead for quite a period of time before being found are greater than they ever were years ago.

I am in my mid-seventies and live alone since my wife died several years ago from dementia and I have no doubt it will happen to me.

The only thing that might point to me laying dead is my milk building up outside my house.

I have two brothers who live in other parts of the country and I have printed info above the phone for whoever may find me to phone my brother.

Whilst I do not fear death in any way, it’s inevitable – it’s just sad that life is like it is today.

The trouble is that families don’t stick together like they used to years ago. Also, people are not so neighbourly like they used to be – they are more insular.

With today’s progress like paying all you bills by direct debit or on-line, etc, you don’t get visits from the rent lady or insurance agent or pools rep.

Sadly, this is called progress and it isn’t going to get any better I’m afraid.

Citizen reader,

full details supplied.

speeding drivers

No blitz here

On Anglia TV news we learnt Cambs Police are having a blitz on speeding drivers in the county – but still, sadly, NOT so in the Wisbech area.

This is where 22-year-old Jamie Butcher was tragically killed by one speeder a couple of years ago.

As a regular user of Churchill Road, Wisbech – plus I have seen several RTC’s, NOT accidents, in my life – I keep to the speed limits along there. Almost every single time I use it I get tailgated by some utter moron wanting me to exceed the limits – even flashing their headlights at me to do so.

It is so long since I last saw a police car along there – I am certain it was a black Wolseley with a bell on the front – WHY? While PCC’s can be paid such an exhorbitant salary for a part-time job, they could be paying for more traffic officers, thus catching the speeders – also preventing more deaths along there.

Citizen reader,

full details supplied.

fenland council reserves

How much?

Re Fenland Council financial reserves.

I am aware that all local councils have a legal obligation to hold cash in reserve, for unexpected expenditure. My question is, how much does Fenland Council hold in reserve and has the amount increased in percentage terms since David Cameron became PM?

If the percentage has increased (taking into account the effects of inflation), why?

Steven Smith,

via email.

wisbech town council

A shambles

When I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago pointing out that the flag atop the Wisbech Council Chamber looked distinctly dog-eared, and that the front aspect of the Council building 1 North Brink was in serious need of repair, I honestly expected the Town Council to do something. Sadly all that seems to have happened is beautifully painted front steps and an aborted attempt to sort out our national flag – now drooping at half-mast, all tattered and torn STILL – and with no apparent reason why it is being flown at half-mast.

What a serious and significant shambles yet again. Surely it is not beyond even the wit of even just one member to get a simple matter such as the national flag right?

There are, after all, very comprehensive protocols for flying the Union Flag – none of which admit to flying the flag at half-mast for no reason; and none of which even consider the possibility of flying a Union Flag that is tattered and torn. Wisbech surely deserves better than this shambolic crew – or is it time we begun to question whether or not we could in fact manage without the third tier of local Government hereabouts, when the Town Council show such disregard, disrespect, and distinctly dilatory attitude to even the most basic of their responsibilities.

How can they be trusted to look after the fabric of Wisbech if they can’t even look after one small building?

Perhaps in hindsight it was a good thing that they allowed the Courthouse to slip out of public hands? It is certainly unlikely that they could have managed the Courthouse as well as the dilapidated Council Chamber; the car-park-like Market Place and allotment sites that are largely deserted.

Erbie Murat,


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