Kestrel and parrot live in Wisbech garden

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Reports of sightings of a kestrel and parrot flying around Wisbech have been sent in by readers following our story in last week’s edition.

Anna Oakford says the parrot, a Blue-Fronted Amazon, has been living around her garden in March Road, Coldham, since June.

But the territory had already been claimed by a male kestrel, who lives in Mrs Oakford’s nest box.

Now she is hoping that the owner of the parrot will be found ahead of the spring breeding season for the kestrels.

She said: “We have no idea how the parrot is surviving. When it arrived we did not think it would last long.

“The kestrel does see it as a threat to its territory.

“When it first arrived the kestrel was the boss – but I’m not too sure with it now. Maybe they have called a truce.

“We would love to find the owner of the parrot but I think it would be hard to catch.”

Mrs Oakford did have two kestrels living in her garden earlier this year, but unfortunately the female died.

She is hoping that a new female kestrel will be drawn to the area in the breeding season.

Citizen reader Joanne Barnes sparked the response by reporting the sighting of the pair to us last week.

Another reader, Jayne Johnston, reported that her partner had also seen the two birds during a walk along a riverbank.

n If you spot the two birds and are able to get a photograph, send it to us at with details of where you saw the unusual flying partners.