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King’s Lynn pensioner reunited with spaniel saved by firefighters

Firefighter Deek Richardson with the rescued dog
Firefighter Deek Richardson with the rescued dog

A pensioner was happily reunited with the dog he feared he had lost after it was rescued from a river by firefighters last week.

The 15-year-old liver and white Springer Spaniel had been swept along the Gaywood River and was found shivering on a rock by firefighter Deek Richardson and crew manager Mark Bocking.

The springer, whose name is thought to be Mac and is a former working dog, had slipped his lead while walking to the vets and somehow ended up in the river.

Mr Bocking said: “The owner was over the moon to have his dog back. He lives on his own and said the dog was his only companion.

“When he realised the dog had got away he was concerned that he would be knocked over and didn’t realise that he would go for a swim.

“It was really rewarding to see the animal reunited with his owner especially under the circumstances.”

Mr Bocking and his crew had received the call on Thursday last week while completing an exercise at the power station.

The crew was pointed to the dog’s location by two women on a bridge near the Pierpoint Pumping Station, South Lynn.

The women had raised the alarm after hearing the dog’s cries as he was carried along by the river.

Mr Bocking said: “There is a point in the river where some rocks jut out and the dog had managed to get on there.

“He was really shaken and scared when we found him.”

The dog was grabbed by Mr Richardson, who was helped by Mr Bocking, before being wrapped in a blanket and taken back to the South Lynn Fire Station.

Happily by this point, the dog’s owner had arrived and the pair were reunited.

Mr Bocking has put out a warning about the river.

He said: “The public need to be aware that if the pumps are on, there is quite a fast flow along there.

“We are extensively trained to rescue animals from the water.”

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